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MD of Bonnyville Council Highlights


COUNCIL HIGHLIGHTS November 23, 2016

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2017 Interim Budget Passed – The Municipal District of Bonnyville Council approved a $99,837,954 interim, balanced budget (not including school and lodge requisitions).

The 2017 budget will be funded through $65.48 million in municipal taxes, $7.58 million in government grants and contributions, $17.54 million from General Revenues, such as fees, equipment replacement program, and reserves. A further $9.23 million will come from transfers from surplus (reserve funds carried over from projects and funds remaining from previous years’ budgets).

In 2017, Council is again directing the majority of the budget to roads projects.

“As in the past, Council’s focus is to improve and maintain our largest assets – roads. Having said this, we plan to continue to pave and oil as many roads as possible, while continuing to ensure, especially in this economy, that the municipality is able to maintain its staffing levels,” said Reeve Ed Rondeau.

The Ardmore Underground and Road Replacement Project will continue in 2017 with $3 million in funding, while the paving of Gurneyville Road is scheduled to go ahead with an $8 million price tag.

2017 will see the M.D. again cooperating with our urban neighbours, with $5 million set aside for the Inter Municipal Cooperation Program. The Village of Glendon will receive approximately $515,055 and the City of Cold Lake will receive approximately $645,800. The Town of Bonnyville will receive approximately $3,840,000, including about $800,000 for the Bonnyville and District Centennial Centre.

“In keeping with 2016, Council will continue to work with our neighbouring municipalities through the Inter Municipal Cooperation Program to make sure projects that will benefit the region, are completed,” Rondeau said.

Additionally, Council has agreed to continue to fund the Senior’s Transportation Grant at $60,000, while Community Halls and Societies will have access to $575,000 for capital and operating costs.

Continuing in the vein of cooperation, the M.D. will provide funding support for the Bonnyville and Cold Lake museums, Beaver River Regional Waste Management Commission, Family and Community Social Services (FCSS) in Bonnyville and Cold Lake, Bonnyville Regional Fire Authority and the libraries in the two major urban communities.

M.D. Council will take another look and pass the final 2017 budget in the spring, after receiving the Education Requisition from the provincial government.


Transportation and Utilities Update – Crews have been out working on improving road conditions with spot gravelling and additional grading as conditions allow. Roads were extremely wet and the crews have been unable to get equipment on some roads due to the moisture. Staff have been monitoring the road conditions and are doing the repairs as soon as road conditions allow. The Construction Crew has completed work for the season and is finishing up maintenance on the equipment prior to parking it for the winter. AMEC is working with the Bridge Repair contractor to get all the work scheduled as soon as conditions allow. AMEC has reduced the total engineering costs by $2,500 and will monitor the remainder of the work for potential savings. Brushing Crews are working on brushing at intersections for sightline improvements. Consultants are working on the contract for the base paving of Gurneyville Road and will have the tender out in December, with closure by the end of January. Consultants are also working on the contracts for Ardmore Phase 5 Surface Work to complete the west side of the hamlet in 2017. The tender will be out in December, with closure by the end of January.


Public Safety News – Council approved the purchase of two replacement patrol vehicles for a maximum cost of $80,000. Officers spent 57 hours, between November 1 and 15, patrolling rural areas identified to Public Safety by residents who are dealing with an increase in property crime. Officers are finding opportunities to dedicate patrol time, away from their regular responsibilities, in an effort to deter rural property crime. They are tracking the time and location to ensure proper coverage of the M.D. School Resource Officers are conducting the Right Choices Program in Glendon and Dr. Brosseau schools, as well as the CSI Program at H.E. Bourgoin and Nelson Heights schools.  Officers attended Remembrance Day Ceremonies at Iron River, Glendon and Ardmore schools. Officers have taken action on an unsightly property in Crane Lake, as well as numerous dog complaints.


Planning and Development Update – Final Reading was given to LU Bylaw No. 562 to amend the Land Use Bylaw to include that Country Residential – Estate District CR3 have urban sized lots located within close proximity of municipal water and sewer services. This is to have the lots serviced in a cost-effective manner. First Reading was given to Bylaw No. 1632 for a Road Closure and Lease on the west side of NW 18-64-5-W4M, SW & NW 19-64-5-W4M. First Reading was given to LU Bylaw No. 564 to rezone the north portion of NE 26-62-1-W4M from Manufactured Home Community to Country Residential (CR) for a 28-lot Multi-lot Country Residential subdivision and to Bylaw No. 1633 to amend the Area Structure Plan for the subdivision.


Agriculture & Waste Services News – The underground electrical work and pad site is complete at the La Corey Landfill for the new operator office, which will be located near the main road to help direct patrons to the correct dump locations. K&K Metal Recyclers are cleaning up over 100 tonnes of scrap metal at the Hilda Lake Landfill in December. The last pick up was in 2014. K&K removed Freon from all appliances at landfill sites in November at no charge. This will allow for all the metal to be stacked to make more room for waste in the winter. There is a reduced number of animals being brought into the Ag Department under the Coyote and Wolf Reduction Program. The total so far is 53 Coyotes. The M.D. is hosting a standard trapping course December 9 to 11 at the ASB Shop. Please call 780-826-3951 for more information.


Funding Support – The Fort Kent Senior Citizens Club and the Land Of The Lakes Recreation Association received their annual 2016 Operating Grants of $25,000 each. Council agreed to contribute $3,000 to Bonnyville Minor Hockey to support their bid to host the Peewee Provincials in March. The Club received the same amount from the Town of Bonnyville to cover the total cost of renting the Centennial Centre.


Partnership Grant Application – Council agreed to submit a $200,000 grant application for an Alberta Community Partnership Program Grant in partnership with the Town of Bonnyville to develop two Area Structure Plans. The ASPs will provide a framework for the future subdivision and development of land from the boundary of the Town of Bonnyville on Highway 28, west to Township Road 610 and from the boundary of the Town on Highway 41 to the hamlet of La Corey. The ASPs shall incorporate 800 metres of land on both sides of the transportation corridors.


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