Parking Lot Brawl

Police respond to fight at Walmart parking lot

The Cold Lake RCMP were called to Walmart on February 16th, at approximately 2:20 pm, because a fight had broken out between three men. RCMP arrived on scene and arrested two of the three men; the third man had left the scene before police were able to respond.

Both males arrested were intoxicated at the time of their arrests, confirms Cold Lake RCMP. Charges are pending against a 36 year old male from Cold Lake for being intoxicated in a public place. There is also a charge pending against a 43 year old male from Cold Lake for causing a disturbance. At the time of this publication, charges had not been sworn, thus the identities of the men arrests has not been released.

Both males refused to cooperate with RCMP and would not give a reason as to why the fight broke out.