Town of Elk Point 2017 Projects Overview

The Town of Elk Point is working on the following Capital Projects for 2017

  1. Bulk Water Fill Station
    1. Possible located Highway 41/47 Street waiting for Alberta Transportation
    2. Next stop design and construction in 2017.
  2. Walk Trail Extension-Railway Avenue
    1. Tendering closing February 14, 2017 to construct sidewalk, curbs, gutter, drainage and landscaping two blocks on north side.
    2. Construction summer 2017
  3. Waterline Rehabilitation
    1. Replacement of existing waterline in Circle Drive, Ravine Drive, 52 Street and 52 Avenue.
    2. Local Contractor hired, installation over 2017 and 2018.
  4. Airport Upgrades
    1. Town and County of St. Paul No. 19 applying for (STIP) Strategic Transportation Infrastructure Program Grant to upgrade lights/power at airport for usage during night – medivacs, etc. Also applying for STIP grant to extend runway from 4500 feet to 5000 feet.
    2. In discussion with industry and community organizations to support Airport upgrades.
  5. Pedestrian Crosswalk -Highway 41 and 50th Avenue
    1. Town has requested Alberta Transportation to construct a Solar Panel signal crosswalk at Highway 41 and 47 Street.
  6.  AXIA FibreTown
    1. In discussion with AXIA to survey residents if interested in Fibre Optics in Town.

2017 Operating Projects:

  1. Installing new guard rail on Railway Avenue near Eco Centre.
  2. Benches, sidewalks (concrete) and tress for Walking Trail Master Plan.
  3. Additional flowers/hangers.
  4. Exit/Thank you Sign -Highway 41
  5. Transfer Station – 3 days per week April 1
  6. Partnership with County of St. Paul No. 19 Recycling at Transfer Station.
  7. Partnership with County of St. Paul No. 19 on operation of Transfer Station.

Review of 2016 Projects

2016 Capital Projects 

  1. Bulk Water Fill Station:
    1. Approved ACP Provincial Grant
    2. Hired Engineering Finn to carry out site selection and technical analysis. Conducted a flow test of the Town.
  2. 60th Avenue Residential Subdivision
    1. Completed construction of a 14 Lot serviced residential subdivision, Phase 2A except for natural gas in 20 I 7.
  3. Walking Trail
    1. Benches sidewalk repair, trees and bench pads.
  4. Equipment purchased for Walking Trail.

2016 Operating Projects

  1. Entrance Sign
  2. Water Meters
  3. Pavement Overlays – 53 Avenue, 50th Avenue west, 49 Avenue – COOP
  4. Patching
  5. Partnership with County of St. Paul No. 19 on grants for Bulk Water Fill Station, Salt Shed, Regional Emergency Preparedness and Occupational Health and Safety as well radios for Emergency Providers.

In addition to the above, Town capital and operating projects, work continues on new RCMP Facility, upgrades taking place at Elk Point Medical Center including the arrival of a 3rd Doctor this spring and continuing upgrades on two (2) schools.
In conclusion, Town Council and Administration are here to serve you, listen to your concerns and suggestions and to provide the most cost effective and efficient services to our community.
Thank you,
Mayor & Council