Grossly Intoxicated Drivers


Since June 29th, the Cold Lake RCMP have had four impaired driver charges, three of those charged were considered “grossly intoxicated”. While S/Sgt Jeremie Landry, of the Cold Lake RCMP Detachment, is hesitant to say impaired driving is up, he does indicate that from April 1-June 29th there was 14 impaired driving cases, compared to four in a two-week period.

It’s a miracle nobody was hurt or killed. – S/SGT Jeremie Landry Cold Lake RCMP

On June 29, 2016, at 7:30 p.m. Cold Lake RCMP received a complaint of an impaired driver that had just arrived at a house in Cold Lake north. S/Sgt Landry says it was reported that the driver then fell out of his vehicle before entering a residence.  “Cold Lake RCMP attended immediately and arrested the driver, who provided two breath samples three-times the legal limit,” S/Sgt Landry says the 36 year old male driver was “grossly intoxicated”.

Charges of impaired operation of a motor vehicle, operation of a motor vehicle while over .08, and dangerous driving under the criminal code, are pending against the 36 year-old Cold Lake resident with a Court Date of Wednesday, August 10, 2016, at 10:00 a.m. in Cold Lake. “The dangerous driving comes from witness accounts of this vehicle being all over the road, prior to arriving at his residence,” S/Sgt Landry explains further, “the report was the driver was weaving all over the road, he also appeared to be nodding off and falling asleep. When the vehicle arrived at the residence it had driven all over the yard, and when the driver fell out of the vehicle, he fell onto the ground and was drooling. When you look at the breath samples being three-times the legal limit, it would explain that type of driving pattern and the sign of intoxication he exhibited while exiting the vehicle; definitely a severe case of impaired driving.”

At the time of this publication charges had not been sworn, thus the man’s identity has not been released by the RCMP.  “Any breath samples that are over 160 milligrams per 100 milliliters of blood or over 0.16 ml*, under the criminal code of Canada it is considered an aggravating factor at sentencing,” says S/Sgt Landry, “that’s double the legal limit, these samples were three-times the legal limit.”

The driver drove off, then came back and rammed the victim’s truck again – S/Sgt Jeremie Landry Cold Lake RCMP

On July 1st at 4:00 am, Cold Lake RCMP had received a complaint that a male had just driven to a residence on the Cold Lake First Nations and was intoxicated. “As the vehicle, which was a Dodge Ram, arrived at the residence, he rammed another vehicle,” explains S/Sgt for the Cold Lake RCMP Detachment, Jeremie Landry. “When the male arrived at the house, he was told to leave by the home owner. At that point he drove his truck into the home owner’s vehicle. The accused then departed and came back a short time later. He then backed his truck into the victim’s again and then left to go home.”

“RCMP attended quickly and confirmed the complaint about the victim’s truck about being rammed.  RCMP then attended the residence of the impaired driver. It was there were he was grossly intoxicated and arrested for impaired driving.” The driver was brought back to the detachment and provided samples over double the legal limit.

Charges are pending against a 24 year old male, from Cold Lake First Nations, of impaired operation of a motor vehicle, impaired driving while over the legal limit of 0.08, and mischief over $5000 to the truck that was hit. The Man will appear in a Cold Lake Provincial Court on July 27th at 10:00 am. At the time of this publication, the charges have not been sworn, thus the man cannot be named.

Another case of someone behind the wheel, three-times the legal limit, in the middle of the afternoon. – S/Sgt Jeremie Landry Cold Lake RCMP

On July 5th, at approximately 4:00 pm, RCMP received a complaint of a blue Dodge Caravan, “all over the road, Highway 28, near Casino Dene. It was reported the vehicle was only doing 75 km/hr.” S/Sgt Jeremie Landry, of the Cold Lake RCMP Detachment says that when RCMP located the vehicle the driver, and sole occupant of the vehicle was “visibly impaired and provided two breath samples three-times the legal limit.”
Charges are pending against a 35 year old male from Strathmore, Alberta. The name of the accused has not been released as charges have not been sworn at the time of this publication.

Safety of the motoring public is being put at risk by individuals who are deciding to drive while impaired. -S/Sgt Jeremie Landry Cold Lake RCMP

On July 8th, at 4:00 am, a Cold Lake RCMP member was on routine patrol and observed a truck pull out in front of his from a parked position on the side of the road near 16th avenue and 8th street. S/Sgt Jeremie Landry explains the vehicle was observed displaying signs consistent with impaired driving. “The truck was observed crossing the centre line, on more than one occasion, and would stop abruptly at stop signs.”

The vehicle was pulled over. “The driver failed the roadside screening device and [brought] to the detachment and provided breath samples over the legal limit.” The driver, a 25 year old female, from St. Albert, Alberta, was charged with impaired operation of a motor vehicle. The name of the accused has not been released at this time.

I am encouraged to see the more reporting [of impaired drivers] happening, but it is discouraging to see impaired driving at this rate and especially how impaired these drivers have been. – S/Sgt Jeremie Landry Cold Lake RCMP

“Impaired driving may not necessarily be up, people may be proactive in reporting,” explains S/Sgt Landry, “we have really focused on the detection of impaired driving. Through our community consultations we did, it was clear that people were concerned with impaired driving. With the media’s help, I think we’ve gotten the message out there, that people need to call in, when they see this type of behaviour happening or if they suspect an impaired driver.”


*an earlier version of this article had an incorrect measurement. The error has been corrected.