Friday , 9 June 2023

Grant funding provided for 8 electric vehicle charging stations now installed & in-service across Lakeland region

The Town of Smoky Lake, Village of Waskatenau, and Smoky Lake County are pleased to announce that seven electric vehicle (EV) charging stations have been installed and launched across the Smoky Lake region, in partnership with the Municipal Climate Change Action Center (MCCAC).

The units have been installed at:

Smoky Lake County: Métis Crossing, 2x Level 2

Village of Waskatenau: Community Centre, 2x Level 2

→  Town of Smoky Lake:

  • Town Office, 1x Level 2
  • Agricultural Society Complex, 1x Level 2
  • Pumpkin Park, 1x Level 3 + 1x Level 2

Since as early as 2017, municipalities in the Smoky Lake region have been aware of a gap in access to EV Chargers in Northeast Alberta, which has made it more challenging for EVs to travel on Highway 28 between Edmonton and Cold Lake, for example.

In early 2022, the then-Regional Economic and Community Development Officer (RCDO) coordinated with each of the participating municipalities to successfully secured each of the individual grants that has made this project possible. Each participant also selected Dandelion Renewables as the contracted installer/provider, which worked over last summer to complete the installations at each location.

‘This project is making it easier for residents and visitors to travel this area in Electric Vehicles, for example, along the historic and scenic Victoria Trail which was the narrow and winding route of fur traders, explorers, and Red River Carts, connecting Fort Edmonton and Fort Gary (Winnipeg). The County is extremely pleased that these EV Chargers have been made possible in partnership with the Municipal Climate Change Action Center (MCCAC).’

– Reeve Lorne Halisky, Division 4 Councillor, Smoky Lake County

‘The name of our village [Wah-set-in-a] comes from a Cree word meaning “opening in the riverbank”. As the western gateway and a service-center to the picturesque Smoky Lake, Lakeland, and Kalyna tourism regions, Waskatenau is well-placed to welcome visitors traveling by EV from the greater Edmonton area and beyond.’

-Mayor Richard Warren, Village of Waskatenau

‘This year, the Town of Smoky Lake is celebrating its centennial. We are recognized as the Pumpkin Capital of Alberta, and the home of the annual ‘Great White North Pumpkin Fair.’ This, combined with the Smoky Lake Stampede and other events throughout the year makes the town a “must visit” which is being made

  • Situated along the North Saskatchewan, and on historic River Lots in the Victoria District just 10 minutes south of Smoky Lake, Métis Crossing is Alberta’s first major Métis cultural destination. Created as a place for Métis people to share Métis stories with all people, we welcome visitors to join us for family-fun and cultural learning! As an Indigenous destination, we have a strong commitment to sustainability – cultural, economic, and environmental. The presence of these electric vehicle chargers provides another way for people to travel to and stay at Métis Crossing, which in-turn allows us to appropriately share our distinct Indigenous stories, music, food, and experiences.

– Juanita Marois, CEO, Métis Crossing

Quick Facts:

  • Métis Crossing is built on original river lots established by the Métis settlers to this region in the late 1800s and is Alberta’s first Métis cultural interpretive centre. The hundreds of acres surrounding the Cultural Gathering Center (opened in 2020) and ‘The Lodge’ hotel (opened in 2022) engages and excites visitors, and the programming encourages active participation of visitors in activities that promote an appreciation of Métis people, customs, and celebrations.
  • Dandelion Renewables is an Alberta and Kootenay BC provider of solar, EV Charging, and energy storage conservation solutions. They operate in British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan, and specialize in grid-tied/off-grid solar system designs and installations, deployment of EV Charging infrastructure, and building energy storage systems. ‘Your choice and actions are vital for the long-term well-being of our planet, whether you replace a light bulb, install a PV on your roof, or just share your knowledge about energy alternatives with your friends. …We truly believe that by making intelligent choices and through our actions we can all together make the world a better and cleaner place to live. Let renewable energy and conservation spread like dandelions!’
  • The Municipal Climate Change Action Centre is a partnership of Alberta Municipalities, Rural Municipalities of Alberta and the Government of Alberta. The MCCAC cares about how a changing climate impacts Alberta, and provides funding, technical assistance, and education to municipalities, schools, and community organizations, helping them lower energy costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and improve climate resilience. Since 2009, the MCCAC’s award-winning work has supported hundreds of
  • Levels of EV Charging:
    • Level 1 – 5-8 km per hour, 40-60 hours for a full ‘tank’ short commutes, summer use.
    • Level 2 – 20-130 km per hour, 6-14 hours for a full ‘tank’ ie. Daily in city driving and commuting, summer/winter use.
    • Level 3 – ‘250-1500 km per hour, 15-60 minutes for a full ‘tank’ Road trips or rapid charging in town, summer/winter use.

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