Friday , 9 June 2023
Photo Supplied: Kari Leiper, executive director of Hearts for Healthcare, far left, and Kim Foisy, stakeholder relations advisor with Canadian Natural, far right, join members of the Cold Lake Community Health Services team in a celebration of new equipment funded by Canadian Natural and community donations. Between them, from left, are Lianne Dumais, Crystal Tipler, Danika Kiziak, Taylor Canning, Carrie Orser, Trudy O’Shaughnessy and Natalie Brown.

Hearts for Healthcare funds new equipment in Cold Lake

Community donors step up to boost home care, recreation therapy, public health

Story by Amelia Schofield

Thanks to donor generosity, clients receiving care through Cold Lake Community Health Services are now benefitting from several new pieces of equipment.

This past November, Hearts for Healthcare asked local residents to donate to their Lifting Community Health Campaign for Giving Tuesday. The campaign set out to raise funds for equipment for Home Care, Public Health and Recreation Therapy. Thanks to a $7,750 gift from Canadian Natural Resources Limited (Canadian Natural) and other community donations, Hearts for Healthcare successfully met its $10,000 goal.

Equipment funded includes: a Viper Plus GT Wheelchair with universal arm and elevated swing away footrest, an Etac Turner Pro Transfer Aid and a Mattress Genie elevating bed wedge for the Home Care equipment loaner pool; a blood-drawing chair, electric breast pump and carrying case for Public Health; and djembe freestyle drums (African skin-covered goblet drums played with bare hands) for the recreation therapy program provided to Continuing Care residents at the Cold Lake Healthcare Centre.

Sharon Winik, area manager, Allied Health Services, Area 8 with Alberta Health Services (AHS), shares how having equipment such as the new wheelchair and elevating bed wedge helps her Home Care clients.

“The addition of an elevating wheelchair to our loaner pool will greatly help our clients who need a wheelchair short-term, either while they’re recovering from surgery, or if they’ve been in hospital and require one because of the nature of their injuries. It’s especially great for clients with swelling in their legs, diabetes, wounds or individuals with circulation concerns,” she says.

“The Mattress Genie is helpful for our palliative clients or clients with respiratory concerns who are primarily spending time in their bed. The Genie provides elevation so they can sleep and be more comfortable.”

According to Kari Leiper, executive director of Hearts for Healthcare, supporting Cold Lake Community Health Services is a key priority for their organization.

“One of our goals is to support the entire community and I really feel that Community Health Services encompasses that,” she says.

“We’re proud to not only bring in equipment that benefits clients, but also the healthcare professionals working at Cold Lake Community Health Services. The addition of equipment like this also supports local staff in providing care to everyone who needs it.”

Kim Foisy, stakeholder relations advisor with Canadian Natural, adds: “We’re committed to investing in the communities where we operate.

“One of our areas of focus is health and wellness, where we provide funding for organizations, programs and equipment that help address the healthcare needs in local communities. We are pleased to see that our donation is being put to good use and that it is making a positive difference for the residents of Cold Lake.”

Both Winik and Amy Katerynych, area manager, North Zone Population & Public Health, Area 8 with AHS, greatly appreciate Hearts for Healthcare and its donors for their generous contributions.

“I’m always amazed at the wonderful, generous support we have from the community. Thank you to Canadian Natural and to the community for making this equipment a reality,” says Winik.

“Having this equipment available often means more of our patients can access this equipment while they wait for their own or test it out before purchasing it themselves. If someone is very sick and they have a lot of other demands, this is one less thing they have to worry about, so it is really appreciated.”

Katerynych adds: “We are grateful to Hearts for Healthcare for the outstanding support they have provided Cold Lake Community Health Services over the years. Every donation makes such a big difference in the lives of our patients and clients, and we thank them for their many contributions.”

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