Wednesday , 4 August 2021

Vermilion Public Library’s plan of service nears completion

A five-year plan is getting closer to completion at the Vermilion Public Library, with videos being released to stakeholders that highlight key priorities. Feedback will be reviewed throughout April and the plan will be published in May.

The final document will help guide the library in coming years as far as extra program implementation and any additional services that they may be able to tailor to the community.

“These priorities help libraries meet local needs,” said Justin Thompson, board chair.

“Libraries like ours have remained relevant by responding to the changing needs of residents.”

Of 18 choices, the committee selected five to match stakeholder priorities and better serve library users in the coming years. Aside from all of their regular services, these priorities will help them focus on certain areas where they can expand with extras.

Tentative priorities for the Vermilion Public Library are:

1. Know your community

2. Build successful enterprises

3. Satisfy your curiosity

4. Connect to the online world

5. Create young readers

Future initiatives could include things like creating a searchable community database or list of volunteers needed by local organizations, as well as sponsoring workshops or grant writing centres to assist non-profits.

“These service goals will help library trustees to identify areas to enhance and complement our traditional role,” said Thompson.

“Nothing here is set.”

There are two aspects to the ‘connect to the online world’ service point he mentioned – physical access through workstations and WiFi, and the other would be having the skills and tools necessary to interact with the online world.

Stakeholders are asked to respond to which one, or both, they would like to see more of in the community, as well as review whether or not the selected priorities fit the community’s needs.

The Vermilion Public Library is open for in-person service. Anyone who took part in the stakeholder meeting is asked to visit the library or https://www.vermilionpubliclibrary.ca/ to provide feedback.

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