Monday , 27 September 2021
Mayor Omer Moghrabi outside of McArthur Place.

Mayor Moghrabi appointed to council to grow northern Alberta

Lac La Biche mayor Omer Moghrabi is now a member of the Northern Alberta Development Council (NADC). 

The news was released on July 10 that Tanya Fir, Minister of Economic Development Trade and Tourism, appointed five members to the NADC, and being that Moghrabi has extensive knowledge and experience in northern Alberta, he was chosen to be one of the new members. 

“I’m very honoured that I was chosen to be a NADC member, and I will do my best to fulfill the position,” said Moghrabi. 

The main purpose of the NADC is to promote growth in the Northern region of Alberta through community-based programs and services.

The news release states that the NADC’s mandate is to, “investigate, monitor, evaluate, plan and promote practical measures to foster and advance development in northern Alberta.”

Moghrabi has been the mayor since 2014.

He worked in post-secondary administration at Portage College for over 30 years and has owned the Sporting Goods store in Lac La Biche since 1976. 

This was taken into account while the NADC was going through the process in figuring out which people would be best suited for the council. 

Moghrabi’s long standing roots in Northern Alberta has fueled his desire to highlight programs that are already in place, and to make them better for the people in those communities. 

“We are better together. It’s as simple as that. That’s what the Northern Alberta Development Council offers,” said Moghrabi. 

“If we want a good quality of life, we have to make sure to enhance our educational colleges, our medical services, and our infrastructure. It’s what the Northern Alberta Development Council does and it’s something I would like to promote throughout all of Alberta.”

Another goal the NADC has is to highlight beauty and opportunity the north offers, things that Moghrabi knows all too well. 

“The northern part of Alberta is Alberta’s recreational playground,” said Moghrabi.

“There is a lot of variety, there’s fishing, skiing, golfing, beautiful beaches, we have everything here. It’s the best place in the world. You can get off of work and within five minutes you can be on a golf course or at the lake. So I am more than happy to be appointed to the NADC because I think Northern Alberta has so much potential, and I know we can do something great together.”

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