Monday , 27 September 2021

Lakeland receives $12M for core infrastructure projects

Water projects in Cold Lake, Fort Kent, and Ardmore get extra funding; Metis Settlements get investment in roads, bridges

The Lakeland has been awarded funding on Thursday for several Strategic Transportation Infrastructure Programs (STIP) projects, which the provincial government said will create jobs and core infrastructure within communities.

The City of Cold Lake will receive $5.8 million for upgrades to its wastewater treatment facility and another $700,000 to upgrade a force main, while the M.D. of Bonnyville will receive just roughly $2.7 million combined for new potable water reservoirs in Ardmore and Fort Kent respectively.

Just over $2 million will go into a regrading project for a gravel bus route in Elizabeth Metis Settlement and nearly $875,000 will help replace a bridge in Fishing Lake Metis Settlement, as part of the province’s efforts to make repairs to roadways across Alberta.

STIP is part of the provincial government’s efforts to stimulate Alberta’s economy with employment opportunities, with the projects in the Lakeland among 70 the program will benefit across the province.

“I’m very happy to see some investment in our communities,” said Bonnyville-Cold Lake-St. Paul MLA David Hanson.

“I’ve been fighting very hard to make sure the cabinet and ministries know the importance of what we’ve contributed to the economy and the province over the years.”

“These shovel ready projects are all part of the greater economic recovery plan we’ve put together,” said Hanson. “It will not only support long-term economic growth, but also provide immediate jobs. These core municipal structures projects are what Albertans rely on in their communities.”

Hanson said that the projects were selected for funding because of the significance and benefits water projects play in their communities.

“Water projects are so important to all the M.D residents, and this infrastructure money will ensure the sustainability of our water infrastructure for years to come,” said M.D. Reeve Greg Sawchuk in a press release.”

I’m happy it’ll also be helping Albertans get back to work during these tough economic times.

Currently, the province is investing around $50 million into efforts to help Albertans bounce back economically after numerous setbacks such as the oil bust in the early 2010s and the COVID-19 quarantine.

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