Sunday , 7 March 2021

Are you planning on building in St. Paul in 2020?

To utilize the construction season to the fullest, you may apply now for your Development Permit. A Development Permit is valid to start within 12 months of permit issuance. A Building Permit is valid to start within 90 days of permit issuance. Construction may begin when the Development Permit and Building Permit are both issued.


It is not too early to apply now!! By doing this, your permits would be in place once the weather warms up!! Please check with your contractor to ensure they have applied for the appropriate permits.


The Inspections Group Inc., the Town’s contracted safety codes agency has provided an update to the Permits & Compliance booklet. This is a reference guide when applying for Building, Electrical, Gas, Plumbing and Private Sewage Permits.

Check it out by visiting: https://townstpaul.civicweb.net >Document Center (top right hand corner)>Forms>Planning and Development>Permits and Compliance Booklet.


Please contact Planning & Development at 780-645-4481 for more information.

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