Altercation at 7/11 leads to public intoxication tickets

Two people were served public intoxication tickets this morning after an altercation at 7/11 in Bonnyville.

The dispute took place at 1:30am on Friday with two groups of eight people.

RCMP reviewed video surveillance and determined that a male from one group stole food from a person in the other group, said S/Sgt. Sarah Parke in a released statement.

After stealing the food that male continued to shout racial slurs at the members of the other group who were trying to leave by taxi, said S/Sgt. Parke.

He tried to instigate a fight when a female left the taxi and punched the male in the face, the release said.

Both the male instigator and the female from the second group were served with $115 public intoxication tickets.