Bonnyville RCMP investigating armed robbery at 7/11

RCMP are investigating an armed robbery at 7/11 on Highway 659 where the suspect stole $70 from the cash register.

On May 19 at roughly 2:30 in the morning, the lone cashier working at the 7/11 emptied the cash register after the individual threw a backpack across the till and told the clerk to empty the cash register or they would “shoot him.”

The suspect is believed to be male and was wearing a facemask and black clothing.

The suspect fled in a blue Dodge pickup truck, which has since been found and seized by RCMP.

Bonnyville RCMP is asking that if anyone has information pertaining to the case to call them.

The suspect vehicle may have been in the area beforehand, said Sgt. Kim Hillier.

Sgt. Hillier said the clerk did the right thing.

“You comply with the demands. Public safety is the priority here and there were no injuries,” said Sgt. Hillier.

If you have any information regarding the offence, call the Bonnyville RCMP 780-343-7200.