RCMP launch investigation after vehicle engulfed in fire found on Highway 660

A criminal investigation is underway after the Bonnyville RCMP were called to a vehicle “completely engulfed in fire” on Highway 660 in the early morning Jan. 5.

No people or vehicles were in the vicinity at the time.

RCMP believe it was a stolen vehicle that was intentionally set on fire, said Cpl. Kim Hillier.

She said that this type of arson used to be more common, but now these vehicles are more often used in other crimes.

“It’s another level of criminal stealing the vehicles now. We’re not finding as many burnt out as we used to. It used to be a big problem with the quads and vehicles burnt out all over the place,” said Hillier.

“Basically, it’s just to destroy evidence and, I understand with people I’ve spoke with in previous investigations who’ve been charged with those offenses, that it’s quite a scene to see a quad or vehicle go up in flames, so it’s kind of a thrill.”

If you have any information contact Bonnyville RCMP.