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Elk Point Peewee Avalanche take on Vermilion for a 4-3 win

Tales from the Timebox: November 6th, 2018

This sounds a little bit like something Connor McDavid would do, getting in on every goal. Or maybe more like Gordie Howe, since he also served sometime in the sin bin. I’m talking about ‘Top Gunner’ Crawford who scored two goals and two assists in the Peewee Avalanche 4 to 3 win on Sunday over the Vermilion Tigers.

Top Gunner had lots of energy in this game, slipping away and getting the first goal all on his own. Then rushing down center ice on the second one, he dishes this one off to ‘Stellar Ella’ Ballas who used a bank shot off the back wall that then ricochet off their defenseman and into the net. I bet ‘Stellar ‘ would make a pretty good pool shark too!

The Avalanche were now sitting on easy street with a two goal lead early in the first period before the Tigers would get one on the board, scoring one on the power play, the score 2 to 1 after 20 minutes. Into the second period the Tigers would tie the game 2 all on a short handed goal. The Avalanche became a little complacent and maybe just a little lazy too. And it cost them again, just before the period was over, the Tigers, the stronger of the two teams in the second period for sure, would bury another to take a 3 to 2 lead after 40 minutes. I’m guessing there may have been a little discussion in the Avalanche dressing room between the second and the third period because the Avalanche came out like gang busters to start the third period.

Top Gunner scoring in the first shift assisted by Stellar and Gavin ‘Giver’ Kadutski. Giver also played a very strong game back on the blue line. The game now tied a three apiece the big ‘Freight Train’ Timmy Cardinal parked right on the doorstep would hammer one home five minutes later assisted by Top Gunner and ‘Bo Diddley’ Fontaine.

The Avalanche holding the lead now for the next 15 minutes , but playing with intensity and not backing off this time. Plus when they failed to clear the puck , goalie ‘Kid Kade’ Fontaine would bail them out. And some terrific penalty killing by Vaughn ‘the Vulture’ Ockerman who single-handedly ragged the puck for almost the full two minutes and he just about scored twice on the same penalty kill, once with a shot on a break away, then digging out the puck he tried again on the wrap around . Defenseman Sam ‘Spiderman’ Rogal was another player who made some big contributions, his not with points on the board but goals saved by blocking shots and getting the puck up and out across the blue line. Shots on goal were 35 to 34 so it looks like the Tigers and the Avalanche belong in the same tier.

The day before the Peewee Avalanche travelled to Irma losing 5 to 0 , but were badly outshot, so not sure if they would be moved up to another tier or stay. Of course ‘ Spiderman’ one of the Avalanche key shot blocking defense players was missing that day playing football with the Bengals laying out some heavy blocks in their final game of the year.

The Atom Avalanche saved some gas money this past weekend as they played two games at home. The first one Saturday against Cold Lake a real nail biter. Even though the Avalanche were outshot 26 to 9 they only lost by a 3 to 2 score. Of course you guessed it, goalie ‘Good Year Charlie’ Lesyk was standing on his head. Madden ‘Mad Dog’ Flamand scoring assisted by Kaysen ‘Dynamite’ DeMossiac then Dynamite scoring assisted by the ‘Snoop Dog’ Evett Smereka.

Sunday morning their game was not nearly as close and a whole lot rougher. The final score 12 to 3 for the Bonnyville Pontiacs, the penalties minutes, 10 two minutes penalties for the Pontiacs, 8 two minute penalties for the Avalanche. Fair to say these teams are not the best of friends. 55 shots on ‘Good Year Charlie . ‘Hurricane Kayl’ Warawa standing her ground on the goal mouth scored the first goal assisted by  Mad Dog. Braylee’ Little Willy’ Lesyk and Mad Dog with one goal each. Both of them unassisted.

The Novice Avalanche played their first game at home on Saturday morning using the new Hockey Alberta half ice four on four system. Goalie Remington ‘Steel’ Reynolds doing a terrific job of scrambling from side to side coming up with some huge saves. He faced a ton of rubber in his goaltending debut having to send out an S.O.S for some recruits to help clear the front of the crease. Long Legged Jaxon ‘Smitty’ Smith scoring one assisted by ‘Wild Wyatt’ Fontaine. Ryder ‘Rhino’ Malo with a goal assisted by Kestyn Quinney and Jaxon ‘Magic’ Marcoux . ‘Wild Wyatt’ Fontaine with one assisted by ‘Jesse James’ Penner. Some great for-checking and back checking by the much improved skater Deny ‘ the Menise ‘ Kuba and very timely shot blocking by Jackson ‘J.R.’ Rawlake. On Sunday morning the Novice traveled to St. Paul. William ‘ Billy Bob’ Ballas scoring for the Avalanche.

Sunday afternoon storm warnings were in the forecast but didn’t deter the Midget Avalanche from travelling up to Lac La Biche to take on the Clippers. This would be a great test to see where the Avalanche should be seated since Lac La Biche was one of the top teams in Tier Two. The boys obviously able to skate with any team, the game ending in a four all tie. Two goals each for Hayden ‘Hotwheels’ Ludlage and ‘King Cole’ Bendixen . Assists by ‘Danny Boy’ Cardinal, Evan ‘Batman’ Ockerman, Nick ‘Sparky’ Anderson and Charlie ‘Chuckles’ Rogal. Between the pipes Colton ‘ Colt 45’ Van Maarion had a busy night facing 38 shots defending the net from the attacking Clippers.


And now for the K.A. Campbell quote of the week . ” One man can be a crucial ingredient on a team, but one man cannot make a team.” – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

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