Kehewin Welcomes New Council

The new Kehewin council celebrate their inaugural ceremony. Left to right: Kevin Amahoose, Trevor John, Ernest Gadwa, Charlene Gadwa, Chief Vernon Watchmaker, Grey Eagle Cardinal, Ben Badger, Sheldon Youngchief.

Kehewin welcomed their new council on Oct. 17, 2018.

There inauguration ceremony was held at the school gym. Elders, guests, families and tribal members attended to welcome the new leadership, based in ceremony, to bless the new team in the new terms of office.

Councillor Ben Badger said: “The responsibility will be to uphold our Treaty position and ensuring we find ways were we are lifting up our Tribe and our people.”

It is believed that an appeal challenging the election result was filed, but was denied by the federal courts.

The election was on Sept. 26.