Sunday , 4 December 2022

Doug Bassett

As Elk Point's resident sportshound, Doug Bassett has been actively involved in the local sports scene for over 30 years. He's been writing sports reports on local amateur sports starts for 20 years. Down-to-earth honest sports reporting, Doug will bring you updates on the sports that matter the most; your kids! Known for giving every kid on the team a unique nickname and highlighting their attributes, Doug will make sure you're up-to-date with scores, games, and locker room antics!

SPORTSHOUND: Just like Clockwork

Tales from the Timebox for November 29, 2022   It’s very rare to play an 8 pm minor hockey game on a weeknight when the kids are going to school. This past Thursday the U 15 team played against Cold Lake at 8 pm. As it turns out the Cold …

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SPORTSHOUND: The girls have come a long way

Tales from the Timebox  U11 Avalanche If this game is any indication, it would appear the league has done a good job of tiering these two teams. The Vermilion Tigers came calling on Saturday taking on the U11 Elk Point Avalanche. The Avalanche just barely came out on top in …

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Tales from the Timebox for November 8, 2022 A week ago, travelling to hockey games was a piece of cake. That is of course as long as you had enough money to fill the gas tank. It’s November now, and old man winter decided to give us our first wake-up …

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SPORTSHOUND: The Tale of Four Brothers

Tales from the Timekeeper November 1st. What are the chances that if you had four boys playing on four different Avalanche teams, they would be all playing at home on the same day in back-to-back games? Not very likely I would say.  But it did happen this past Saturday when …

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SPORTSHOUND: Like Kissing Your Sister

Tales from the Timebox for October 24, 2022 They say that a tie is like kissing your sister. If that’s the case, then two ties must be like kissing your twin sisters! One thing is for sure though, it looks like the U15 Avalanche team is playing in the right …

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SPORTSHOUND: Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

Tales from the Timebox: October 18th, 2022   Hockey is back at the A.G. Ross arena !! This past weekend all of our teams saw some pre- season action to assist the league in the tiering process. U-18 Avalanche The U-18 Avalanche played Sunday night against the St. Paul Canadiens. …

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Tales from the Doug-Out for August 4, 2022   The U 18 AA Braves were off to Olds over the long weekend to play their final weekend of ball.  After being moved up to Tier 1 and coming in the 8th seed they knew it wouldn’t be a picnic in …

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SPORTSHOUND: Final Countdown

Tales from the Doug-Out: July 20, 2022   The U18 AA Bonnyville  Braves baseball team always knew they were good enough to play in tier # 1. But with a short bench and some injuries in the month of June they didn’t have the best record and were dropped down by …

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Tales from the Doug-Out: July 13, 2022   It only takes one run to win a ball game. And the Bonnyville U18AA Braves proved that this past weekend. Not only once but twice!   The Braves were in the Border City this past weekend, taking on the host the Lloydminster …

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