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Around and Around We Go!

Tales from the Doug-Out: May 29th, 2018

Don’t tell anyone, but that girl is so dangerous at the plate, if I was the team manager I would intentionally walk her. I’m talking about ‘Hurricane Kayl’ Warawa who hit three home runs last Wednesday night here at home against the Bonnyville  U 10 Mite girls team.
On two of her big hits  the speedy ‘Hurricane Kayl’ with dandy long legs tried to pass one of her own players.
The final score 20 to 15 for the Mite Pumas . ‘Hurricane Kayl’ getting a lot of RBI’s (runs batted in) but all the girls did a superb job getting on base before the teams clean up slugger would try to pass them on the way to home plate!
At the other end of the girls softball scale the U19 Midgets were all set to go, when they had a game cancelled last week. But the week before they played two nights in a row.
The first one against Plamondon,  Keanna ‘Radio Active’ Radcliffe who can really wing the ball with her whirlwind wind up delivery threw three no hit innings and snagged a line drove for the last out of the 7th inning. Unfortunately for her, it wasn’t enough, Plamondon was still victorious, the final score a close 5 to 1. Catherine ‘Kat’ Noftall scoring  the only run for the Pumas.
The next night the ladies found themselves down 7 to 1, against Lac La Biche, in the 4th inning when MacKenzie Evans came to the plate. With the count two strikes after two foul ball,  she straighten it out and sent the ball very deep into right field getting a home run and bringing in two others as well.
The next inning Abby Baker, following in MacKenzie’s footsteps, hammered up the middle through center field for a round trip. Then in the top of the seventh inning Brooke ‘Cookie’ Krider with a huge catch robbed a Lac La Biche player of a sure home run and the third out of the inning. The Pumas battled back hard… but it wasn’t enough, the final score 12 to 7 for  Lac La Biche.
The Peewee boys Sox team, with head coach Myrna Moroziuk at the helm, had a very strong game at home last Tuesday night against St. Lina winning 13 to 10. Myrna has a really good coaching strategy and used a new pitcher every inning in preparation for the final tournament where pitch count will play a huge role in getting into the final game.
‘Mighty Casey’ Warawa , Vanden ‘Super Mario’  Moroziuk, Phoenix ‘Pony Express’  Quinney, Sam ‘Spiderman’ Rogal and ‘Mick Jager’  Fontaine all throw really well and chucked one inning each with the exception of ‘Mick Jager’ who threw the last two. ‘Spider Man’ and ‘Mic Jager’ have the most heat , but the ‘Mighty Casey’ , ‘Super Mario’ and the ‘Pony Express’ are more accurate. They throw a few more strikes.
The batters will hit the ball of course, but they relied on their fielder to make a play. And when it comes to pitch count you need to throw strikes. If you can throw strikes and have heat then you have it made. I know first hand because I was the man in blue with the mask on behind the plate. I had super help that night with the calls in the field by my first time rookie umpires Rylee ‘the Rocket’ Warawa and her sister ‘Whirlwind Avery ‘. Both of them took the umpire course and have great potential as everyone at that ball game noticed and commented on.
The Mosquitoes provincial Sox team hosted a round robin this past weekend against Beaumont and Bonnyville losing all three games but gaining lots of experience playing at this competitive level.  Most likely those two teams will be tiered up this coming week and will not meet the Sox again this year.
I watched the game on Sunday morning and witnessed some very strong pitching by Koltin Davis , Rylan Dustow and Timmy ‘the Freight Train’ Cardinal. Also watched Brayden ‘Pinball’ Pinette, who did a terrific job of catching for his first time ever. He has great potential, he hustles for the ball and has a strong arm which will come in handy for picking off base runners.
Not a lot of hits in that game for the Sox, one single by Rylan Dustow, Kaleb ‘Formula One’ Flamand with a double and one single by ‘Bo Diddley’ Fontaine.  In the afternoon game, the second game of the double header against Bonnyville,  Raif ‘Rug Rat’ Evans Anderson , Madden ‘Mad Dog’ Flamand and Kale ‘the Hawk’ Ockerman getting on base with  hits. ‘Top Gunner’ Crawford, Janyke -Dawn Evans- Anderson, and ‘Cyclone Cole’ Pierce all getting on base safely with either a walk, or taking one for the team getting hit by a pitch.
Once they were on board they were stealing bases and crossing the plate at home for runs. Great job by the coaching staff, head coach Dennell Anderson, assistant Blair Sinclair and manager Margaret Bayduza. Also by the grounds keepers Justin Crawford and Reil Fontaine and the cooks Rod Cardinal and Brent Ockerman.
The Bantam Lakeland Northstars provincial team, with head coach Tyler Warawa at the reins, headed to Devon this past weekend winning two out of three games, and as Meatloaf would belt it out ‘And two out of three…. not badddd!
Seth Colbourne pitched the first game going four innings and allowing only six runs. Charlie ‘Chuckles’ Rogal going three for four at the plate had a great game driving in four runs. Kobe ‘Cobra’ Warawa coming in relief in the fifth inning, sent them back to the dug out, three up three down. Closer Nolan Dechaine coming in in the sixth inning and shut them down. He also had a great weekend at the plate constantly getting on base hitting the ball hard.
The second game was the grudge match, the boys had been waiting three weeks for the game against Barrhead,  a team they had lost to at home and wanted revenge. And they got their revenge with a tremendous pitching performance by Charlie ‘Chuckles’ Rogal.
‘Chuckles’ chucked a complete game throwing 66 pitches and allowing no runs, the Northstars winning 16 to zip. Peewee aged rookie ‘Mick Jager’ Fontaine batting . 500 in the game going two for four at the plate with a couple of RBI’s . Andon ‘Ace’ Ballas had a home run in this game and a couple of RBI’s .
He’s staring to rip the horsehide off the ball, along with Evan Gamache who went two of three with a couple of RBI’s . The final game on Sunday was against the host Devon and Evan Gauthier pitched a gem, going four and two thirds innings allowing only six runs, he had a great weekend at the plate as well. Brad Atwell who fires the most heat on the team came in to close this one, and kept this one within reach. When Brad is on his game very few players in the league can touch his fast ball. Second baseman Brayden Reid made some outstanding plays all weekend long. The game going back and forth the final 11 to 9 in favor of Devon.
The Northstars will be getting re-tiered next week and with a record of four wins and three losses, chances are they will be moving on up, as they should !
Brad Atwol pitching
And now for the K.A. Campbell quote of the week. ‘ Sliding headfirst is the safest way to get to the next base, and the fastest. You don’t lose your momentum, and there’s one more important reason I slide headfirst, it gets my picture in the paper. ” – Pete Rose.

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