Sunday , 11 April 2021

4H Kids show off their Achievements

Photo Credit: Natasha Gambo

The local 4H clubs were on full display yesterday at the Bonnyville Pro Rodeo Grounds, for the District Show & Sale. The three local beef clubs and members from Ardmore school, Scruffy Puppies and the Long Riders Horse Club will be displaying their projects.

Lily Brundrige (pictured left) took home the Grand Champion honours for her steer and Jacelyn Antoniuk (pictured right) was honoured with Reserve  Champion.

Club president, Stephanie Tellier, says the District Show & Sale welcomed other clubs to be a part of the day to help promote 4H and related clubs in the area. Beef clubs included Beaver River (LaCorey), Ardmore and Bonnyville, there was also the Ardmore school, Scruffy Puppies and the Long Riders Horse Club involved in the day.

Each beef club brought calves and steers that the kids raised to be judged. The animals are judge according to a set of guidelines put out by 4H; including size, weight, coat, health, and appearance.

There are junior, senior, and intermediate classes for grooming and showmanship.

The top ranking steer is named Grand Champion and second place, Reserve Champion. Typically, these steers will go for the highest bid in the sale.

The kids who raise the animals keep the money from the sale to use at their own discretion. Often times, the kids will use the money for college savings.

Lily Brunrige’s steer was named Grand Champion, “it’s exciting! We worked pretty hard, we fed him everyday.” Lily named her steer ‘TarTar’ and says she raised him from a calf to a Grand Champion. She says the show is her favourite part of 4H.

Jacelyn Antoniuk’s steer was named Reserved Champion. Her homestead has about 1,000 head of cattle, so she is very familiar with raising animals.

“It took some time to halter break him, but once you get them calm it’s easier to work him” Jacelyn named her prized steer, ‘Larry’.



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