Elementary School Kids Do Not Need Devices

Recently, Duclos Elementary, in Bonnyville, sent out an email to the parents of its students urging them not to allow kids to bring smartphones or devices to school. Communications Officer, for Northern Lights Public Schools (NLPS) says, “there isn’t any reason for kids in elementary school to bring devices.”

Unlike High School or Middle School, students will not be asked to use a smartphone or device to complete an assignment. Should a child need to get in touch with his/her family, the school will be able to assist.

The email sent to parents read: 

In most circumstances elementary students do not need cell phones or SMART phones at school or carried with them during the school day. Generally, elementary students are not to use personal cell phones for text messaging or making / receiving calls during school hours.  Use of smart phones, game devices, IPods, etc. may be appropriate for rides to and from school (such as for listening to music), but the use of such devices at recesses and during the school day is not allowed.

Students are not to be using devices for taking pictures or sharing information about other students. Students are not to be sharing or posting pictures or information about others. This is about everyone’s privacy and confidentiality.

If a student must have a device at school, please let the teacher know. The teacher can store the device safely during the school day.  Devices are not to be carried around by the child during the school day. If a device is used inappropriately students will have it held by staff until home time or until picked up by a parent.

The Northern Lights School Division Administrative Procedure 141 dealing with Personal Communication and Recording Devices says this about the use or misuse of cell phones or other communication and electronic devices:

“Modern communication and recording devices include, but are not limited to, such items as smart phones, IPods, video camcorders, laptops and MP3 players. These devices may add significantly to students’ ability to communicate with others and/or to record information and events. It is acknowledged that these devices may contribute to an enriched educational environment and provide exciting enhancements to the educational experiences of students; however, these devices, when misused, can also create significant detrimental disruptions to classroom proceedings, violate personal privacy, facilitate academic dishonesty, and detract from the safe and caring atmosphere established by the school.”

Duclos students may use school phones in the event of an emergency or important matter.  Use of school phones requires permission from the child’s teacher.  Students can be reached at the school number (780-826-3992) if there is an emergency.