City to give Funding to Citizens on Patrol

The City of Cold Lake has approved funding for Citizens on Patrol. The community based crime-prevention organization is getting a chapter going in the city and was looking for a grant for $3,000 to assist in the costs. City Council approved $1,000, confirms Mayor of Cold Lake, Craig Copeland.

According to the February 13th City Council Agenda, “Citizens on Patrol is a group of citizens who participate in a community based crime prevention program in co-operation with the local law enforcement agency.  Through observation, documentation and reporting, members of Citizens on Patrol provide a presence in their community while patrolling by vehicle, on foot or other means. Citizens on Patrol are educated volunteers who increase the awareness of suspicious and dangerous or unusual activities happening in the community.  Members are trained in using safe practices at all times while patrolling and acting as the extended “eyes and ears” of the local law enforcement agency.  Our group follows the jurisdiction of the Cold Lake RCMP.

It is understood that they have formed a formal society, vetted members through the RCMP and have started training sessions.  They are almost ready to begin patrols.  At this point I am requesting the city to assists with financial support.  They have received private and corporate donations to cover our liability insurance but we still require funds for safety and communication equipment and operating costs for our patrollers.  They believe this would cost about $3,000. Any cash or equipment donation would be appreciated.

We have 30 members who have been vetted and are anxious to get started.  More applications are waiting review at the RCMP.  We believe we can make a difference in our community.

Administration has reviewed the Recreation and Cultural Grant Policy as an opportunity for funding; however, this avenue seems to be limited for this type of event.

In 2018, Council budgeted $100,000 for sponsoring functions, goodwill, and other activities for the staff and community.  To date, without consideration of this request or any others on the February 13, 2018 agenda, $5,500.00 has been formally allocated from the 2018 Council Goodwill by motion of Council.”

Using the 2018 Council Goodwill, $1,000 has been given to Citizen’s on Patrol to assist in their operational costs.