Cold Lake RCMP help Moose stuck in Barbed Wire Fence

Last week, the Cold Lake RCMP rescued a moose calf from a barbed wire. The calf had been stuck for sometime, says Constable Alexandra Thibeault.

RCMP were notified of the moose stuck by a concerned citizen. “It was out by the golf course, on the way to the ski hill. You could tell it had been stuck for awhile; because he wasn’t moving. He wasn’t that old either,” Cst. Thibeault says the moose was quite small and allowed officers to cut it free.

“We made a plan and cut [the wire]. The moose slowly moved until he was able to get free and walk away,” the constable explains that once the officer cut a couple wires the moose was able to get free and walked off without apparent injury.

“We went and talked to the owner of the house to let them know we cut is fence and came back and the moose was still there,” Cst. Thibeault laughs that the moose stuck around the area, “we thought for a second he was stuck again. Then, I think we scared him and he took off after that.”