Keep on Truckin’

Tales from the Timebox: January 30th, 2018

Both of our Peewee teams are moving on to the second round of provincials!  Wednesday night our Peewee # 4 team headed up to Bonnyville, going into the second game of the two game total point series with a three goal lead. The second game of this series was much closer, but the Avalanche still winning this one 2 to 1 to win the series. ‘Top Gunner’ Crawford and Gavin ‘Giver’ Kadutski scoring for the Avalanche, ‘Wild Wyatt’ Pavol, ‘Bo Diddley’ Fontaine and Madden ‘Mad Dog’ Flamand assisting. Early next Sunday morning at 7 a.m. the boys will be on the bus heading five hours north to Wabasca to play round two. Good luck boys!
In league play, this past weekend on Saturday they played an exciting game against Plamondon. Brady ‘the Bionic Man’ Hymanyk with the first goal for the Avalanche tying the game at one all in the second period, assisted by the hard grunt work of his line mates working the corners and digging the puck out,  Kaleb ‘Formula One’ Flamand and ‘Wild Wyatt’. The Oilers would take the lead again early in the third period, and as the clocked ticked down it started to look like the Avalanche may lose this one. But then late in the third period, team captain Dean ‘the Machine’ Ockerman sent a wicked slap shot through the traffic jam in front and into the mesh from the point  to tie it up, assisted by his little side kick ‘Top Gunner’.
The Peewee tier # 1 team were tied at two goals each after the first game of the two game total point series against St. Paul and headed 20 minutes north west to the Canadiens’ barn, on Thursday night to play in the second game. Not a lot of defense in this one, all out offence , the Avalanche coming out strong and taking an 9 to 3 lead into the third period. The third period the tables turned and it was all St. Paul, the final 9 to 7. Good thing the game ended when it did. It was one of those games where when the momentum swings it is almost impossible  to get it back.
The good news is the Avalanche will be moving on to play the winner of the Vermilion vs. Vegreville series. The two game total point series will likely take place sometime in the very near future,  In league play this past week the peewee tier  # 1 team lost to the top team in the league , Provost on SaturdayOn Sunday it was another tough game against Cold Lake this one ending 8 to 1. ‘Mic Jager’ scoring the lone goal assisted by ‘Paycheque’ and Rylee ‘the Rocket’ Warawa. It was a great game for ‘the Rocket’. She was not intimated at all, mixing  it up against the bigger boys in the corners and came very, very  close to scoring on a one timer. The Avalanche goalie Vanden ‘Super Mario’ Moroziuk facing 48 shots making a lot of sensational saves or this one could have ended in double digits.
The Novice Avalanche played at home, Saturday, losing a barn burner 6 to 5 to Cold lake. A hat trick and an assist for ‘Wyatt Earp’ Fontaine, Miles ‘the Millionaire’ Koren with a goal and an assist. ‘Without a Trace’ Morgan scoring one too. Jackson ‘J. R.’ Rawlake and Jaxon ‘Smitty’ Smith with a helper each.
On Sunday the Novice team traveled to Bonnyville with a very short bench. Five players missing from the line up, the out come not nearly as good, losing this one 10 to 3. ‘Without a Trace’, ‘Wyatt Earp’ and the ‘Millionaire’ scoring. No assists listed on the game sheet, although every game I watch there is always someone assisting in some way, either passing the puck or doing all the dirty work in the corners.
The Atom Avalanche played a terrific game here on Saturday against Lloydminster winning 5 to 3 in the end, but it wasn’t as easy as it sounds. The game tied at 3 all at the end of 40 minutes, on goals by Kaysen ‘Dynamite’ DeMossiac, ‘Cyclone Cole’ Pierce and Evett ‘Snoopy’ Smereka. Charlotte ‘Web Mail’ Henderson on the score sheet with an assist.  Into the third period D Man Raif ‘Rug Rat’ Evans Anderson getting the green light on the rush crossing the red line and feeding the puck to ‘Snoopy’ who broke his chain and made a run for it scoring a real beauty of a goal top shelf to take the one goal lead.
Cold Lake pulling their goalie with a minute left ‘Snoop Dog’ still on the runaway would seal the deal, score the empty netter. Give this dog a bone,  a hat trick for ‘Snoopy’ , assisted by his little buddy Braylee ‘Little Willy’ Lesyk.  Everyone on the squad had to contribute in this one, forwards like ‘Hurricane Kayl’ Wawara, Timmy ‘the Freight Train’ Cardinal , ‘Stellar Ella’ Ballas and Brayden ‘Pinball’ Pinette all for-checking like crazy. Defenseman like Raif ‘Rug Rat ‘ Evans Anderson, Anna ‘the Banana’ Henderson  and Spencer ‘Goldie Locks’ Malachowski keeping the shots to the outside and holding the blue line.  And of course great goaltending from ‘Good Time’ Charlie Lesyk. On Sunday the Atoms traveled to the border city to play the same team, coming home with a four all tie. ‘Freight Train’ , ‘Cyclone Cole’, ‘Little Willy’ and ‘Rug Rat’ all scoring for the Avalanche; ‘Snoopy’ with an assist.
Saturday after the Atoms game the Midget Avalanche hit the ice coming out very sleepy in the first period, down 2 to 0. Maybe it was because of the early game time of 5 pm. Most Midget games are late Friday or Saturday nights at 8 pm and the boys get to sleep in till noon. But they finally woke up in the second period and tied the game, then added another three more goals in the third period, winning in the end, 5 to 2.  Not the greatest effort but still counts for two points.  Two goals each for Nick ‘Sparky’ Anderson and the ‘Big O’ Brody Odgaard. Team captain ‘Awesome Alex’ Hunter with a goal and an assist. ‘Warrior Warren’ Ference, Wolke ‘Wolf Man’ Cueva, Cyle ‘Grinder’ Graus and Austin ‘Astro’ Axley with the assists. Sounds like it was a real old time western rodeo up in Cold Lake on Sunday afternoon for our Midget Avalanche boys, who not only had their butts handed to them, losing 12 to 3,  but also lost a few players getting kicked out of the game. I’m sure a few of them will be getting game suspensions.  ‘Sparky’ , ‘the Big O’ and ‘Awesome Alex’ scoring for the Avalanche, Hayden ‘Hot Wheels’ Ludlage with two assists, and ‘Astro’ with one.
Almost a full line up Saturday night for the Bantam Avalanche with their steady eddy D Man Jace ‘the Stafford Streak’ back in the line up, giving them nine skaters they would take it to Marwayne 11 to 5.  ‘Lighting Liam’ Ludlage lighting it up with five goals and four assists, Dallas ‘Cowboy’ Bristow with two goals and two assists, Evan ‘Batman’ Ockerman with two goals and two assists, Charlie ‘Chuckles’ Rogal with one goal and one assist and Jaden ‘Jet Stream’ Van Maarion with one goal and five helpers.
Sunday afternoon the bantams suffered their first loss of the year in league play to Bonnyville by one goal. The winning goal was scored with only 7 seconds left in the game. A heart breaker for sure since they had a fairly big lead at one point in the game, but look at the positives, no one was hurt or suspended. ‘Jet Stream’ with a hat trick and an assist. ‘Batman’ scoring one and assisting on another. ‘Cowboy’ with one goal. ‘Lightning Liam’ with a goal and setting up four others. ‘Danny Boy’ Cardinal with two helpers too.
And now for the K. A. Campbell quote of the week. ‘ The three important elements of hockey are; for-check, back check, and paycheck. ‘ – Gil Prreault