Kehewin: Information Meeting Wednesday

An information Meeting has been called for Wednesday January 31,at the Kehewin Recreation Building for 6:00 pm. The purpose of the meeting is to inform the current citizens/members of the Kehewin Cree Nation that in “out of court mediation “ an Alternative Dispute Resolution was discussed on January 25, 2018; where a tentative term was discussed.


Within those terms, a potential agreement could be struck to call for a By-Election this March for vacant Councillor seat and then to have a Chiefs election to follow; because there has been no duly-elected Chief this whole council term, only an interim. The respondents of the application have requested that the people of Kehewin be involved in the process of decision making.

With the general election in March on the horizon, Council would like to hear from the people as to whether or not a by-election is desired. The by-election may not make logistical or financial sense being that would only be held a month away from the general election.  With that in mind, the people will have an opportunity to voice their concerns. Then the elected Council will take direction on which way the Nation should go from the people.

The purpose of this meeting is to provide information to the members regarding the Court’s Proposed Resolution of the Court case.  It is NOT a vote by members on a March General Election or on Membership. The by-elections are to fill vacant positions UNTIL the General Election at the end of the 2015 Council’s 3-year term