Bonnyville Vandal

Over the course of the last few months there have been a number of obscene images spray painted on buildings and vehicles in Bonnyville. The graffiti is graphic in nature and has appeared on out buildings, shops/sheds, at the local middle schools; as well as buildings and one car in the area of 46th street; near Dr. Brosseau & HE Bourgoin schools.

Constable Wanda Decoste, with the Bonnyville RCMP Detachment says without a witness, a suspect can be hard to find. “With these types of cases, you basically have to catch them in the act or have really good video surveillance.” Although one of the the schools has video surveillance, the images were not clear enough to catch a suspect.

“We have had a few occurrences, over the past few months, of people’s fences and garages, being sprayed with inappropriate pictures,” Cst. Decoste says that one can only assume it could be the same suspect, “it’s hard to say unless you caught them in the act”. The acts of vandalism have occurred in the late evening, early morning hours.

Anyone with information on the vandalizing is asked to contact the Bonnyville RCMP Detachment at 780-343-7200 or Crimestoppers 1-800-222-TIPS (8477)