Bonnyville search warrants lead to 74 charges

In June of 2017 the Bonnyville General Investigation Section (GIS) initiated a drug trafficking investigation involving several individuals from the Bonnyville area.


The investigation was lengthy, spanning over several months, and encompassed several other Criminal Code offences in addition to drug trafficking. During this time, Bonnyville GIS executed four Controlled and Drugs Substances Act (CDSA) search warrants on three apartments in Bonnyville and one in Cold Lake. The Bonnyville GIS unit worked collaboratively with Cold Lake RCMP and other specialized sections.


In total, the Bonnyville GIS seized what is believed to be Cocaine (158 grams), Crack Cocaine (9 grams), Marihuana (218 grams), Psilocybin (92 grams). A restricted firearm, taser, $2,500 in cash, and a vehicle was also seized. The total street value of the drugs is over $25,000.


Police arrested and charged six people in relation to these investigations and have laid over seventy-four charges.


Jusuf Izairi, a 38-year-old from Bonnyville (31 Charges)

Amanda Sandfly, a 29-year-old from Bonnyville (26 charges)

Jason McGregor, a 20-year-old from Bonnyville (6 charges)

Nolan Youngchief, a 28-year-old from Bonnyville (4 charges)

A 17-year-old Bonnyville resident who cannot be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act (5 charges)

They will be appearing in Bonnyville Provincial Court Dec. 19, 2017.


Marcella Quinney, a 39-year-old from Cold Lake (8 charges)

Will be appearing in Bonnyville Provincial Court on Jan. 16, 2018.


The Bonnyville & Cold Lake RCMP and GIS units from each detachment are working collaboratively to reduce crime in the town and MD of Bonnyville and beyond. Crime reduction initiatives are being undertaken on a regular basis targeting known offender’s. This investigation which was comprised of hundreds of man hours, resulted in the disruption of a large drug trafficking operation where the persons involved were also committing violent person’s crimes and property crimes in the area.


“Crime has no borders,” says Bonnyville says GIS Corporal Kim Hillier. “Thanks to the investigational skills of our members a significant amount of dangerous drugs won’t be sold in our community.”

As this matter is now before the courts no further information will be provided.