Healthy Holiday Celebrations

‘Tis the season for festivity, fun and food. Indulgence is inevitable. Or is it? You can enjoy all the season has to offer, while still making healthy choices. If you plan ahead, the Christmas holidays can be healthy and fun.

Here are some tips to stick to while you navigate the holiday season:
Alcohol: Drink in moderation. Fancy drinks may contain excess sugar, which means excess calories. To enjoy moderation (and less calories), alternate alcohol-containing beverages with lower-calorie drinks or water.
Exercise: Just because it’s the holidays, it doesn’t mean that exercise shouldn’t still be a priority. Explore winter activity options such as sledding, skating or skiing. Or just have fun building a snowman or making snow angels.
Food Safety: Defrost foods in the fridge or in the microwave, not at room temperature. Use a thermometer to ensure food is safely cooked and ready to eat. Keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold. Discard any food that is left out for more than two hours.
Healthy Eating: Try to keep as much to your regular eating habits as you can. Don’t skip meals. Look for healthy holiday recipes to make and share. At buffets and parties, fill up on healthier vegetable and fruit dishes when possible. Limit sauces and gravies.
Portion Control: Watch your portions during the holiday season. You can manage your weight and enjoy delicious food by being mindful of your portions. One way to do this is to use a smaller plate. Survey the food available and choose your favorite dishes to sample. Enjoy your favorite holiday foods in portions that will satisfy you.
Sleep: Try to get enough sleep. There may be some late nights during the holiday season, but don’t exhaust yourself. Lack of rest may cause overeating or eating less healthy food choices.

The holidays should be spent enjoying time with family and friends. The more you can plan and organize ahead of time, the more healthy your choices and holiday season will be. Enjoy good food (in moderation) and quality time with family and friends.

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