St. Paul Animal Shelter continues fundraising efforts

The St. Paul Animal Shelter has been homeless for two years, since their former building had to be closed down due to poor conditions. The shelter’s administration has been working out of the Community Futures building; but hasn’t been able to intake any animals since in two years.

Josiah Clarke, shelter employee, explains the fundraising efforts continue with hopes of being in the new facility by next year. “We did some dirt work this fall. We’re looking at next spring for starting the major construction.” The shelter has scaled down plans for the shelter to help with costs and is waiting on quotes for the new price of construction, “we’re going to fix up a quonset that’s already [on the land] and add a garage package to it.” Both structures will be build to suit the shelter’s needs, confirms Clarke, “in the garage package, we’re going to have the office, the cat room, and the quarantine. In the quonset is where we’re going to have the dog kennels.”

The shelter has been unable to take in animals, they use foster homes to help with the cat population; but unfortunately have had to turn away dogs. “We have some foster homes to help with animals, but they’re pretty much filled up, right now,” the shelter is looking for more foster homes, if anyone is interested in helping. “We’re pretty much turning away every animal we’re getting right now, because our fosters are full. We give them numbers of other shelters and hopefully, they are able to find something for [the animal].”

Unfortunately, the shelter was not successful in receiving a CFEP grant to help build the facility. The County of St. Paul has donated approximately $25,000 in gravel for the land. The Town of St. Paul has been supportive in the shelter’s efforts.

Fundraising continues, Clarke has pledged to shave his beard and shelter manager Anna has pledged to shave her head at the Mallaig Craft Fair on the 18th. The Shelter is taking donations to help motivate the brave shelter employees. Clarke adds there is a competition between the two on who can raise the most money, “if I raise more I get to take the first swipe of the clippers [to Anna’s hair].”

You can donate by calling the Shelter at 780-645-2262 or stopping in at the Community Futures building in St. Paul. The St. Paul Animal Shelter is also on Facebook. Watch for their calendars to come out before the end of the month; a perfect stocking stuffer!