Saturday , 23 October 2021

Open Mic Night helps grow local artists

Singer/Songwriter Shane Larman has been hosting Open Mic Night twice a month, in Bonnyville, for over a year and has noticed the growth in the local music scene. Artists come from all over the Lakeland to perform at Players Lounge, in a light and fun atmosphere, explains Larman, “jammers come in and do their thing. Sometimes people just want to do their own thing with an acoustic guitar – like a singer/songwriter – or sometimes they want to have a band accompany them. Whatever the performer wants.” Should the performer need a band to back him/her up, Shane Larman and a group of local musicians will back them up.

Players Lounge is typically very busy for the event, with artists and music fans coming out to see the local talent, “people come to appreciate the music, even if they don’t play.” The music changes with each artist, so there’s something for everyone, explains Larman, “we’ve got accordions, saxophones, guitars, and everything in between; country, rock, folk… you name it.”

For artists, come prepared to play with your own instrument if you want to play one. If you’d like for the band to back you up, then that option is available as well. “Bring a little bit of patience, depending on how many artists,” Larman says he tries to put newbies in the front of the line-up to give them an opportunity to perform. Each artist is given a set of three songs, “we want to make sure everyone gets an opportunity to play and showcase themselves.”

“There’s a pretty vibrant music community that comes out,” artists (and fans) must be over 18 years of age to attend. The show gets started at 8:30 pm, this Friday. Open Mic Night at Players Lounge is every second and last Friday of the month. Find out more by following The Players Lounge on Facebook.

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