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#1 New Mill Rate For Small Businesses – The Municipal District of Bonnyville Council is taking advantage of new provincial government legislation to implement a separate mill rate for small businesses. Council approved a 2018 mill rate for a new subclass called “Small Business”. The new rate will be 10 percent less than the Non-Residential Mill Rate. The new legislation came about as a result of discussions regarding changes to the Municipal Government Act.

#2 Regional Crime Forum Date Set – The date for the Regional Crime Forum is set for Friday, December 1 at the Bonnyville Senior Citizens’ Drop-In Centre 4813-47 Avenue, starting at 6:30 p.m. M.D. Peace Officers, RCMP, local MLAs, Reeve Greg Sawchuk, Mayor Gene Sobolewski, representatives from the City of Cold Lake and local Rural Crime Watch groups, as well as the Reeve of St. Paul County will be in attendance. Reeve Sawchuk hopes local MPs can make the meeting as well.

#3 Hockey Fever – The Municipal District of Bonnyville and the Town of Bonnyville are throwing their support behind a bid for the 2018 World Junior A Challenge Hockey Tournament. Bonnyville successfully hosted the World Junior A Challenge in 2016. Hockey Canada and the Canadian Junior Hockey League (CJHL) approached a member of the 2016 committee to request Bonnyville put in a bid for the 2018 tournament. There is no guarantee Bonnyville will win the bid, but Council believes it is a huge opportunity for the area. The Challenge is a huge economic boost to the area, bringing in an estimated $2 million to the community. Reeve Sawchuk says “following the success of the 2016 Challenge, the M.D. is proud to support the bid and to bring the excitement of high level hockey back to our region.” The World Junior A Challenge is comprised of six teams in two divisions – Canada East in one division and Canada West in the other. Both Canadian teams will be joined by four international teams. If the bid is successful, the Challenge would be held from December 9 to 16, 2018 at the Bonnyville and District Centennial Centre.

#4 Crime Prevention Patrols – Public Safety Officers continue to target various rural community areas for Rural Crime Prevention Patrols. Public Safety is working on a method to make patrol vehicles more visible so residents can see that officers are in the area, as well as increasing the deterrence value. Public Safety has completed a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) survey of the Ardmore Campground. The report has been drafted and is under review. Once the report is complete, it will be distributed to the contact with the Ardmore Community Association, along with some recommendations. Public Safety has also taken steps to help deal with some of the nighttime issues in the campground area.

#5 Roadside Brushing Funding Available – There is still funding available for landowners to take advantage of the Roadside Brushing Program. The Agriculture Service Board reviewed the program in 2017 and funding was increased by $1,000 per half mile. The M.D. will pay from $500 to $3,500 per half mile for cleaning the municipal portion of the road right-of-way. Landowners have to receive project approval before work can start. In 2017, two miles have been completed. Brushing along roadways reduces snow accumulation, allowing the road to dry quickly.

#6 Please Don’t Feed The Wild Animals – Municipal District of Bonnyville staff are urging residents not to feed wild animals such as coyotes and foxes. This encourages the wild animals to enter yards and hang out in rural and urban neighbourhoods, becoming a hazard to pets and small children. Officers responded to a complaint that a resident was feeding foxes and coyotes. This concern was passed on to Alberta Fish and Wildlife for their action.

#7 Planning and Development Statistics – In October, 25 Development Permits were issued, including 23 Residential, one Industrial, and one Commercial, with a year-to-date total of $19,434,470. Year-to-date housing starts include 31 Single Family Dwellings and 14 Mobile Home Units. In October, 98 Plumbing, Gas, Sewer and Electrical Permits were issued. The M.D. has 25 Subdivision Applications to date.

#8 Public Safety Update – Public Safety received $5,000 from Devon Energy under their Safe and Healthy Communities Grant Program. The funds will be used for the new Healthy Choices Program offered by the School Resource Officers (SRO). In October, SROs were busy with Halloween Safety. Other programs, such as Right Choices and Life Choices, were delivered in Glendon, Dr. Brosseau and Cold Lake Middle schools. Body Image, Drug Awareness, Bullying and Stranger Danger presentations were also done. Officers continue to respond to various routine dog complaints across the M.D.

#9 Parks, Recreation & Culture Update – Snow-making began at Kinosoo Ridge Snow Resort on November 1. The tentative date for the Tube Park opening to the public is December 2 and the hill will open for skiers and snowboarders on December 9. Trail preparations for cross- country skiing at Muriel Lake M.D. Park are underway. The Parks crew is now on a snow clearing schedule. Parks administration met with Alberta Parks to begin reviewing the Kinosoo Ridge Snow Resort lease at French Bay, which expires in 2019. Post-season campground inspections have been completed.

#10 Transportation and Utilities News – The majority of the crew and equipment have transitioned from summer to winter works and night shift started this week. Staff are looking after our priority roads as required. The Construction Crew did not complete work on Range Road 474. Any remaining work will be done in 2018. The Paving Crew completed the bottom lift of asphalt on the Baywood Road and on the last section of Rge. Rd. 485 prior to winter setting in. Both projects will be listed for the top lift of asphalt in the spring. The remaining projects that were not completed from the 2017 list will be carried forward to 2018. The Birch Grove drainage area has been brushed, and the proposed improvements received final approval from Alberta Environment. Other smaller drainage projects are being worked on prior to the frost setting in. The Ardmore Surface Works contractor completed the project. The permanent thermal plastic inlay on the Gurneyville Road centre line is not completed. This item will be listed as a deficiency and completed in the spring. The revised tender for the 2018 Winter Gravel Haul is posted and will close on November 20.

#11 Agriculture and Waste Update – Staff continue to remove beaver dams in flooded agricultural areas. Beaver trapping is halted for safety purposes until ice on water bodies is frozen solid. Staff also continue to work with farmers in regards to illegal creek crossings that may be slowing the water draining from wetlands. Waste staff have just finished filling the fourth 40-foot container of mattresses over the last five months. We are now shipping the mattresses to Edmonton and cutting down on half the shipping costs. Mattresses are recycled to save space in the Class III pits, as they do not compact well in the landfill. A Request for Proposal for the Class III Therien Landfill Expansion Technical Investigation will be distributed in November. If the Technical Investigation deems the land suitable for the class III pit, the M.D. then moves on with the next steps of development permits, application to Alberta Environment and Parks and public consultations. The M.D. is hosting a Trapper’s Course at the Public Works Shop from December 1 to 3.

#12 Public Auction Date and Sale Conditions Approved – The date for the Public Auction of Lands on the Tax Arrears List is February 27. Sale conditions include: all sales are subject to the reserve bid and any conditions and/or reservations on the existing title; all properties are to be sold on an “as is, where is” basis as the municipality gives no warranty as to the adequacy of services, soil conditions, land use districting, building and development conditions, absence or presence of environmental contamination or the ability to develop the subject land for any use proposed by the purchaser. All sales are subject to the approval of Council.

#13 Funding Support – Lessard Community Centre received its $25,000 Annual Operating Grant. Glendon Agricultural Society received it $20,000 Annual Operating Grant. Council agreed to contribute $4,000 to Bonnyville Minor Hockey as support for its bid to host the Atom AA Provincials in March 2018. The funds will cover half the cost of renting the Bonnyville and District Centennial Centre. Council approved a $1,000 contribution to both the Bonnyville and Cold Lake Food Banks. Council approved a letter of support for the Alexander Recreation Society’s application for a Community Facility Enhancement Program (CFEP) grant to renovate the hall washrooms and kitchen area.

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