Sunday , 26 September 2021

Lakeland United Way looking for Board Members

The Lakeland United Way is looking for two new board members to join the force. Secretary, Dawn Weber explains being on the Lakeland United Way Board of Directors is a rewarding experience.

“When people think Board of Directors, they think of a group of people sitting around, basically, directing people. The Lakeland United Way is different, our directors are also our volunteers,” Webber explains, “we’re responsible for organizing events and securing sponsorships.” Recently, the Lakeland United Way’s long-time president and board member, Ajaz Quraishi retired, leaving the force smaller than anticipated.

Colleen McEntee stepped up as intern president and was recently named president at the Lakeland United Way’s Annual General Meeting. Along with McEntee and Weber, there are three other board members, Carolyn O’Connell, Joe Jorgenson and Serina Parsons. The board is looking for an additional two members.

The non-profit organization raises fund throughout the year to give back to local charities and non-profits. Duties of a board member would be to help in securing sponsorships and organizing fundraisers. The organization meets quarterly and plans four-five events a year. When planning an event you may be busier, then there are months where there is no active requirement.

“We serve the Lakeland,” Webber explains the organization may be based out of Cold Lake, office-wise, but serves the whole region, “we would love to get some members from the Bonnyville area.”

If you have an interest in becoming a Director on our Board, a volunteer for future events or require information regarding grant funding, please email us at [email protected]m. Visit lakelandunitedway.com

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