Jennifer Van der Hoek looks forward to the Opportunity to serve her Hometown

LCN’s own crafty blogger, Jennifer (Flanders) Van der Hoek, has announced her intention to run for Town Councillor in Elk Point’s upcoming election. A fourth-generation area resident, Van der Hoek has always been proud to call Elk Point her home.


“I remember when I graduated from F.G. Miller and a lot of my classmates were talking about how they couldn’t wait to leave town. I never understood that. I went away to get my Bachelor’s Degree and worked in other places for a while, but I always intended to move back to Elk Point when I could.”


When the opportunity to work locally arose, Van der Hoek and her husband Mike purchased a house in Elk Point. That was nearly ten years ago. Since then, they’ve adopted a rescue dog and added a son and daughter to the community. Van der Hoek is happy to raise her kids in her hometown, where they can walk to the same school she attended as a child.


It was this love of Elk Point that made Van der Hoek consider running for Town Councillor. Seeing areas where improvements were needed and hearing from other town residents about issues they were having made Van der Hoek decide to seek nomination.


“We are a town of diversity; there are people who were born here, like myself, people who were born in other towns and provinces, and people who were born in other countries. We have families with children of all ages, adults who have moved here for work or to retire, and seniors. Each group has its own set of needs and desires, so it’s important that the mayor and councillors get input from everyone when making decisions for the town.”


Although she has previously worked for the Government of Alberta as both an employee and a contractor, Van der Hoek insists she isn’t a politician.


“I’m just like most of the people in town: I love it here and I want to see Elk Point retain its status as ‘the right place to be’. I look forward to listening to my fellow citizens and working together for our community. A healthy town has its roots in the past, its mind in the present, and its eye on the future, and I hope that the immediate future of our town includes my presence on the Town Council.”

Jennifer (Flanders) Van der Hoek

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