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#1 Bonnyville Water Commission Formed – Municipal District of Bonnyville Council approved a resolution to become a member of the Bonnyville Regional Water Services Commission. Council also approved that a recommendation be sent to the Minister of Municipal Affairs that Town of Bonnyville Mayor Gene Sobolewski be appointed as Chairman and M.D. Reeve Ed Rondeau be appointed as Vice Chairman of the new Commission. Councillor Mike Krywiak was appointed a member of the Commission, with Councillor Dana Swigart as alternate. A provincial Order In Council is needed to create the Commission. Council also approved a resolution acknowledging the water rates as outlined in the business plan for the Bonnyville Regional Water Services Commission. The Town of Bonnyville, the M.D. and the City of Cold Lake, in cooperation with the Cold Lake Regional Utility Services Commission, have been meeting as the Regional Waterline Strategy/Governance Committee to follow up on how the new waterline will be governed and to work out the details with respect to the operation of the new service to the region. As part of the process, a business plan has been developed for the creation of the new Bonnyville Regional Water Services Commission. This Commission would purchase water from the Cold Lake Regional Utility Services Commission and deal with the distribution of the water from the new line to other areas in the region, including the M.D. and Town of Bonnyville.


#2 Flooding Surveillance – Crews have been busy dealing with flooding issues for the past couple of weeks. Staff have been monitoring the Moose Lake Weir levels and assisting with keeping the weir flowing. The creek has doubled in size this year. Residents dealing with beaver problems should call 780-826-3951 to report concerns.


#3 Agriculture and Waste News – The Ag Department will be making land roller rentals available seven days a week due to the short window for seeding this year. Post pounder rentals have begun now that the frost is starting to come out of the ground. Over 300 kilometres of road are scheduled to be cleaned up under the Roadside Cleanup Program. Most of the designated roads have been allocated to groups, as the program received an excellent response this year. The program will continue until June. Producers have a couple of weeks left for ground squirrel control, as 2% Strychnine gets the best results in April and May. Sales of Strychnine are up from last year.


#4 Public Safety News – Everyone is happy spring is here – including dogs. Spring weather invariably brings an influx of dog complaints into Public Safety. All wards are reporting numerous dog complaints. Charges have been laid and some dogs were impounded for running loose or chasing livestock. Ward Officers are now starting to deal with dog problems before they get out-of-hand, working with owners to suggest better means of keeping their dog on their property. School Resource Officers did Body Image presentations, Drug Awareness, Bullying & Harassment and ATV and Bike Safety sessions. CSI was completed at Dr. Brosseau and Right Choices Graduations were celebrated at Cold lake Middle School and Art Smith Aviation Academy. Now that the snow has disappeared, Officers dealt with a few unsightly property complaints. Officers took action on several abandoned vehicle complaints and responded to complaints of mud and debris being tracked onto a roadway.


q#5 Planning and Development Update – Working with four municipal partners – the Town of Bonnyville, Village of Glendon and the Summer Villages of Pelican Narrows and Bonnyville Beach – M.D. of Bonnyville Council agreed to apply for a provincial Community and Regional Economic Support (CARES) Program grant to fund a Regional Geographic Information Systems (GIS) project. The M.D. will be the Regional GIS host and managing partner. The $31,300 grant will cover fifty percent of the total $62,600 cost of the project.


#6 Transportation and Utilities Update – Equipment is all switched over to summer operations. Spring thaw has peaked for most areas and now cleanup can begin. The Contract Road Gravelling Program starts next week to address all roads in need of gravel. The Construction Crew has started on the road widening project on Township Road 624, now that borrow pits have no frost left in them and material can be compacted. The Oiling Crews will start their first projects next week. The Paving Crew season was delayed, with the start coming up after the long weekend, although they will start with patching some deep spots next week. Gurneyville Road paving will start at the beginning of June. Three patch trucks are up and running, working on emerging issues. The street sweeper is out working on the hamlets and will be moving into the subdivisions next. Notifications go out this week for the Ardmore Water and Sewer Project. The crew will be mobilizing in the next week to replace 200 metres of waterline and 121 metres of sewer line on the east end of 48th Avenue. Once this is replaced, the remainder of the surface works will be scheduled.


#7 Road Priority Switch – Council agreed to switch road priorities in Ward 3. Range Road 485 south of Secondary Highway 660 will be removed from the Rip and Relay list and replaced with the paving of the widened section of Township 624 (Goodridge Road). The cost of materials for each project is approximately of the same value.


#8 Resident Responsible for Fire Fee – Council denied a request to cancel a Bonnyville Regional Fire Authority (BRFA) fee for a D8 CAT fire on a residential property. While the resident believes the fee should be cancelled because he pays property taxes to the M.D., Council agreed that under Policy No. 20.23.01 the BRFA is authorized to recover costs related to a fire service response. In the case of property or personal loss fires, the landowner or person in control of the land shall be advised by letter of the costs involved in extinguishing the fire and will be requested to forward these costs to their insurer for reimbursement to the Fire Services. The BRFA does not invoice for wildland or structural fires.


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