Canadiens win game 1, game 2 tonight

The NEAJBHL playoffs continued on Wednesday night. The St. Paul Canadiens and Frog Lake T-Birds opened up the second round at Clancy Richard Arena. Both teams came out firing pucks on net, and that continued right until the final buzzer. After a hard fought game, St. Paul skated to a 6-2 win.

The Canadiens put 32 shots on net in the first period. Chantz Vinck stood on his head and kept all but three shots out of the net. MacDougall, Burak, and Gagne got goals for the Canadiens in the first. Frog Lake didn’t allow the three goals against to discourage their offence. With just over 18 seconds on the board, Michael Cardinal put one past Tyler Kwiatkowski to bring the score within two, at 3-1. The T-Birds headed into the intermission with momentum.

“The boys came out hard, and got a lot of shots. We gotta go out there and bang some more home.” Arron Greve said during the Lake City Coach First Period Intermission Report.

In the second, Frog Lake evened the shots out. St. Paul would pull away though, putting in another two goals off the sticks of Morgan Greve and Ryan Rancier to lead 5-1.  The Canadiens took three penalties in the second, but Frog Lake couldn’t beat Kwiatkowski.

“The kid stood on his head in the first two periods. We have to give him a lot of credit.” Zach Sylvestre spoke highly of the goaltending performance after the second period.

The tension that had been building all game boiled over when Ryan Rancier and Tristan Calliou dropped the gloves following a hard drive to the net by Ryley Wozniak. Bailey Lonsberry and Brandon Cunningham were given four minute double-minors for roughing during the same stoppage of play.

Morgan Greve picked up his fourth point of the game with a goal in the third period. Frog Lake would also strike with Boehn Mock getting a goal a minute and 20 seconds before the final buzzer. Kwiatkowski and Vinck would stop the next couple shots to make the final 6-2. Both teams directed 55 shots on net during the game.

“It comes down to the easy play. We hung onto the puck too much. You can’t give these guys opportunities because it turns into second, third, and fourth chances.” St. Paul Canadiens Coach Joe Young said of the team’s defensive play on the CornerStone Co-op Post-Game Show.

Tonight, the Canadiens welcome Frog Lake back to Clancy Richard Arena at 8 p.m. for game 2. St. Paul will be using some depth to fill Ryan Rancier’s spot in the lineup as he is suspended following his fight. Lakeland Connect will update you throughout the night with live Pre-Game, Intermission and Post-Game reports.