Town Approves Funding for Football Field Lights

The Town of St. Paul has approved $25,000 to go towards outdoor lights at the football field, on the condition that a grant that the St. Paul Football Club is applying for be approved.

The Lions Football Club is proposed to Town Council a $210,000 lighting project for the Regional Football Field. The Club is seeking Alberta Lotteries and Co-op Grant funding for the project, as well as equal contributions of $25,000 from the Town of St. Paul, County of St. Paul, and School Board. Funding had been approved, in theory from the County of St. Paul, and St. Paul Education Regional Division (SPERD) had approved a letter of support for the project, prior to Monday’s Council Meeting.

According to a letter addressed to Council from Todd Tanasichuk with the St. Paul Football Club, lighting on the track would benefit the whole community. “Many people walk or run on the track, each evening, but once it gets dark, thy all go home,” Tanasichuk explains that in some months that’s as early as 4:00 pm, leaving no time after work for people to frequent the track. Lighting would also allow for the football clubs, as well as the track club to hold longer practices and night games/meets.

“Timers can be used to allow lighting until 9:00 or 9:30 pm,” Tanasichuk says there are ways to automate the system and keep costs lower. The club is still determining whether or not to use LED or standard lighting. The LEDs cost more up front, but may save in the long run.

Included in the package were letter of support from the North East Alberta Track (NEAT) club and Regional High School. As well as a recommendation from the Town of St. Paul Rec Board. The Rec Board had recommended to Council to approve the funding, in theory, as well as provide a letter of support for the project. Both were approved at Monday’s meeting.

Should the grant be approved from the Alberta Lotteries and Co-op Grant, lighting could be installed for this year’s football season.