New Engine for St Paul Fire Department

First new fire truck in 20 years for the department

Photo Credit: A Wink & A Smile Photography

The St. Paul Fire Department held an official ceremony for the new fire engine, on February 3rd. “We took delivery in October, spent a month and a half training on it and put it officially in service December 9th. Because it was the holiday season, we never had a chance to have the official unveiling with Council,” Town of St. Paul Director of Emergency Services, Trevor Kotowich says the department invited Town Council for the unveiling on February 3rd.

“It’s one thing to get a truck, but the money has to come from somewhere. We’re very appreciative of Council’s support. Not only on this truck project, but on the Fire Department, in general.”

The truck has been out a few times on calls, says Kotowich, “luckily, it hasn’t seen any big fires. It’s like an insurance policy, you need to have it; but you hope you don’t have to use it.”

The new truck is the first new addition in 20 years, Kotowich says he was on the force in 1997 when the last new addition was brought into the department, “it was great back in ’97 and the truck is still great today, don’t get me wrong. But there’s 20 years of technology that has changed and evolved.”

The new truck is a custom built, says Kotowich, “it’s not your tradition truck. It gets a little time getting used to driving it. The members have been spending time getting used to operating it, maneuvering it around neighbourhoods and the town.” Kotowich says there are so many neat and customized features on the truck that it’s hard to name them all. He assures that the truck will make good use of all the new features.