Slide & Ride Held at Kinosoo

Sit skis allow special needs skiers to enjoy the sport

Kinosoo Ridge Snow Resort looks to make the hill safe and fun for everyone, including persons with special needs. Manager of the resort, Jurgen Grau, spoke with Municipal District of Bonnyville Council on February 8th on the slide & ride event that happened over the weekend.

“The slide & ride is designed for special needs skiers. It’s an introduction to using sit skis for people who wouldn’t regularly be out there; maybe they thought they would never ski.” Grau explains the sit skis have opened up a lot of opportunities for everyone to enjoy Kinosoo. “So far, we’ve got two sit-skis. The response has been overwhelming,” Grau says that from the initial response to the sit skis he anticipates a need to purchase more for the resort. “We’ve almost doubled our membership in this area and we will need to bring in eight sit-skis for the event.”

The event was held on February 11th at Kinosoo Ridge, “overwhelming response,” reported Grau, who expected that on February 12th they would begin to train locals on how to use the equipment, “that is also booked out.

Kinosoo Ridge Snow Resort is celebrating 35 years of winter fun in the Lakeland with Snojuhla. There will be live bands and DJs for all three days of the celbration. Lexi Strate & Coleman Hell are performing Saturday, February 18th on the Bumper to Bumper Snow Stage, while The Funk Hunters, Neon Steve & SkiiTour will be performing on Sunday. Show times start at 1:00pm. Tickets to the events include lift pass. For more information on the Family Day weekend event, visit