I Wanted this Fight

Canadian Cruiserweight, Rob Nichols responds to Cancelled Fight Rumours

Sunday February 5th, 2017
To Everyone,
I’ve been at a loss for words over the past few days with recent developments in my boxing activity. Since being informed of multiple rumors to why my upcoming fight was cancelled, I have decided to make clear the truth of the matter.
I was scheduled to fight David Whittom in Calgary on February 18th, and as of the Friday February 3rd Dekada has terminated my contract and has canceled my fight.

I want one thing made perfectly clear, I did not cancel this fight and have been preparing for it not only this weekend but since I as presented the contract on December 21st. In no way, shape or form did I not want to get in the ring on February 18th to defend my title; I WANTED this fight!

With this statement I would formally like to apologize to my opponent, David Whittom, for also losing out on this opportunity, and to my many friends and family who are now losing out on an opportunity to watch and support me. I am hoping that another promoter will be willing to make this fight happen, as I am still 100% willing and wanting to step in the ring with David.

Here is my ultimate point on this situation – IF I were to have WITHDRAWN from this bout, I would also be FORFEITING my Canadian Cruiserweight title that I have worked very hard to attain for many years. I would rather lose my belt in the ring, with dignity and honor, than to throw it away like it meant absolutely nothing to me.

Your Canadian Professional Boxing Council Cruiserweight Champion
Robert “Raging Bull” Nichols