Cyr: Unite the Right!


Now that I have your attention I would like to open the discussion on what these statements actually mean.  Well let’s start with what the intent is.  The goal is to bring conservatives together under one tent to govern Alberta to ensure that we can hold the socialists to one term and end the damage that they are doing to Alberta.

We need to start with what conservatism is.  I believe that conservatism is as follows.

  1. Individual Rights: Conservatives believe in individual rights, as opposed to group rights. All people are equal under the law; we all have freedom of conscience, expression, religion, association, property and parental rights etc.
  2. Equality: Conservatives believe in equality of opportunity. It is through competition that strengthens all people, and that all people must be eligible to compete on equal terms.
  3. Compassion: Conservatives believe that some will have difficult times in their lives that are beyond their control. When times like this happen, it is important that we enable them to get back on their feet and then step back to allow them to flourish under their own strength.
  4. Fiscal Responsibility: Conservatives are committed to fiscal responsibility. We believe that all elected officials are responsible for providing faithful and prudent stewardship of the public purse. We seek to limit deficits during tough times, pay down debt during good times, and generally live within our means through managing our checkbooks.


We can’t abandon those pillars and in whatever direction we move towards we need to remember that.  So now that we have defined conservatism we need to ask, how do you unite conservatives?  There are probably hundreds of ways, but I have a few that come to mind.

  • Shelving both the Wildrose Party and the Progressive Conservative Party and creating a new party under a new name. With the new party comes a new constitution and a new elected provincial executive committee.
  • Shelving the Progressive Conservative Party and welcoming their members into the Wildrose Party. Possibly renaming the Wildrose Party with a new name.  Amend the Wildrose Party constitution to allow for the new members to add their voice.
  • Run 2 separate parties working together cohesively towards the same goal and create an opposition coalition.
  • Do nothing and eventually the conservatives will end up within the Wildrose Party.


As you can see there are actually a wide variety of routes.  Our Wildrose Party Leader Brian Jean has announced that through his extensive town halls across Alberta he has heard one clear message.

Albertan’s do not want to chance another term of the NDP.

Albertans have seen the NDP repeatedly put their radical ideology over top of our best interest; Farming Bill (Bill 6), carbon tax or reckless spending.  In the end to meet the overwhelming demand to show leadership from our members we must listen to those voices and something must be done.  Therefore, we need to determine the best route through discussion within our riding.

For those who strongly believe in uniting conservatives I want to hear your voices across our constituency.  This can only be done with town halls and that also means that we need people to be engaged.  Don’t wait for someone else to make that decision for you.   Get involved, buy a membership and add your voice to removing the NDP.

In the coming weeks, I will be posting times for town halls across the Bonnyville – Cold Lake constituency to hear the direction that our party needs to go in.  Take the time between now and those town halls to consider the how and more importantly what you want our party to look like.  If you want more information or to discuss this with me personally, I encourage you to email me at [email protected].

This is important as it is about Alberta’s future.  Our future.  Our children’s future.

It’s time for Albertans to drive our government not be afraid of it.