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Looking For Volunteers – The Municipal District of Bonnyville is looking for volunteers who are interested in being part of a Citizens On Patrol or Rural Crime Watch group? The M.D. is trying to see if there is enough residents interested in starting one of these programs. If you are interested, please contact the Public Safety Department at 780-812-3332 or through email at [email protected] by November 1. Please provide the M.D. with the following information

  • Your Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Blue Sign address
  • Which rural area or community of the M.D. you reside in
  • Phone Number (best one to reach you on)
  • Email address


M.D. Remains Rat Free – The provincial government is reviewing the Alberta Rat Control Program and has committed to paying municipalities fairly for services provided across the province. The Municipal District of Bonnyville will receive an increase in funding from $32,000 to $50,000 for the 2017 contract. The M.D. Pest Control Officer is diligent in keeping tabs on any rat invasions and has removed any rodents that have crossed into the municipality. There has been issues with rats in central Alberta and a challenging incident at the Medicine Hat landfill, but the situations are considered “under control”, with Alberta remaining rat free.


Farm Family Award – Colin and Mary Balan, from the Eastbourne area of the M.D., will be awarded the 2016 ATB Farm Family Award at the November Farmfair International in Edmonton. The award recognizes the family’s farming practices and community involvement. Winners receive a commemorative gate sign and are feted at the ATB Agriculture Farm Family Awards Gala.


Public Safety Update – Traffic has increased on the La Corey North Resource Road and other local industrial routes. Industry Officers continue to inspect random tanker trucks and other commercial trucks using M.D. roads. When M.D. Campgrounds closed in early September, Ward Officers made changes to their patrol patterns and have increased their presence on local rural roads and in M.D. hamlets. School Resource Officers delivered sessions on Drug Awareness, Bullying & Harassment and participated in school Terry Fox runs. Officers continue to deal with dog-at-large complaints. Public Safety took action on two complaints about an aggressive dog, both complaints in relation to people near the dog’s home being chased and attacked. The owner has dealt with the dog appropriately.


Community Services Update – Snow-making equipment at Kinosoo Ridge Snow Resort has been tested and is ready to go once overnight temperatures fall below minus 10 for 24 hours. Traffic counters installed in several M.D. Parks during the summer proved the popularity of the lakeshore facilities. Cold Lake M.D. Park had a total of 13,000 vehicles drive through the campground. Crane Lake West had 15,000 vehicles drive through the park. This information will be used in prioritizing future projects.


Transportation and Utilities Update – Public Works is transitioning to its winter operations. Freeze proofing of 8,000 tonnes of winter sand supply is completed, with trucks being changed over to cold weather gear. The Construction Crew is working on Range Road 491. If weather does not cooperate, the project will be carried over to 2017. Oiling Crews have shut down, with Baywood Road being carried over to 2017. The Paving Crew is completing the intersection at Highway 28 and Township Road 611A and then it will be done for the season. In Ardmore, the contractor is continuing to work on the completion of the paving and sidewalk work. The Ardmore Underground Works contractor is continuing with line replacements and is on schedule to be completed by the end of November. A water leak on the Iron Horse Trail is being repaired. AMEC is currently working on the design and tenders for Bridge Repair Work, which will begin once creeks have frozen.


M.D. Continues To Grow – In September, 20 development permits, including 18 New Residential Building Permits and two Industrial Permits were issued, with a year-to-date total of $21,687,685. Year-to-date housing starts include 37 Single Family Dwellings and 16 Mobile Home Units. Twenty-six applications for Subdivisions have been received in 2016. In September, 100 Plumbing, Gas, Sewer and Electrical Permits were issued.


Funding Support – Council agreed to purchase two tables at the CNRL Employee Field Donation Committee Dinner/Dance/Silent Auction Fundraiser for the cost of $960. All funds raised are donated back to community organizations. The Bonnyville Karate Club received a $750 sponsorship to host the Northeast Alberta Karate Championship November 19 and 20.


Briefly – The M.D. is applying for a $30,000 Tire Marshalling Grant for the construction of a pad site in 2017 at the Fort Kent Transfer Station.


For more information, contact Diane Jenkinson, Marketing and Communications Manager at 780-826-3171. Our website is a useful way to get the information you need. Visit: www.md.bonnyville.ab.ca Follow us on Facebook and Twitter @MDBville.


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