Wednesday , 8 July 2020

LCSD Eliminate All Busing Fees

There will be no fees for Lakeland Catholic School District students to ride the bus this year

At a Special Board Meeting on Wednesday, September 14th the Board of Trustees passed a motion to remove in-town busing fees. Previously in-town busing fees applied to students
living less than 1 kilometer from their school. Communications Officer for Lakeland Catholic School District (LCSD), Amanda Wildman says the board wanted to ensure all students had an opportunity for high quality transportation.

“If any parents have already paid and they live less than a kilometre, they will be refunded,”  Wildman says the time line for the refund will be approximately the end of September. LCSD asks for patience as there are quite a few parents who will be refunded.  Hard economic times attributed to the Board’s decision to eliminate the busing fees, “trying to be more accessible to all families.”

“LCSD is looking forward to continuing to provide a high quality transportation service to all Lakeland Catholic students for the upcoming year.” Wildman explains the Board felt that this decision was in the best interest of the few families affected by the previous transportation policy.

You can stop by your school or the district office and the forms are available online, www.lcsd150.ab.ca

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