Jennie’s Diner Deliciously Rockin’

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Definitely worth navigating the construction

We decided to try out Jennie’s Diner, even though the construction on the street made it difficult, having to go through the back alley to park. It was well worth the hassle!

Our young server was pleasant and cheerful, even though she was also serving a large table at the same time that we arrived. I was delighted to find gluten-free buns available for the burgers which are also gluten-free. I asked for my homemade fries to be topped with cheese, salsa and sour cream (my version of mexi-poutine). Jan ordered a burger as well. Burgers seemed perfect for the setting!

As we waited for our order, we checked out the special board. Very interesting diner sandwich with an apple bun grilled with cheese, bacon and caramelized banana! I think there might have been another ingredient but the caramelized banana blew my mind. We checked with the server, who said that it was actually quite popular, however, she hadn’t tried it. I don’t believe I would try it either (celiac disease aside). Perhaps too many flavors at once.

When our burgers arrived we dug in. My bun was surprisingly moist and stayed together which is fabulous for gluten-free. The burger was amazing, full of flavor and juicy. I was a bit disappointed with my fries as the salsa and sour cream arrived on the side, which made for a sad presentation, even though it tasted great.

Jan’s burger had sautéed mushrooms, lettuce, tomato and cheese. It was deliciously messy! He ordered gravy on the side for his fries. The gravy was light, chicken based and not what you would expect for a diner. Flavor was a bit on the floury side.

The atmosphere was perfect. Bright and happy with a nostalgic 50’s style, I loved it. Old Rock N’ Roll played though not from the little booth juke boxes. There was an amazing Marilyn Monroe mural which, unfortunately is hidden in the dish pit area. The decor is not overdone, so easy to do with such a fun theme.

We loved Jennie’s and will definitely be back!

Food 4.5 out of 5

Service 4 out of 5

Atmosphere 5 out of 5

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