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C’mon Let Your BodyTalk!

If your body could talk, what do you think it would say?

Connecting your mind with your body is the principle behind the BodyTalk System. It’s understanding the whole picture behind your health and the role that psychology has on your physical body. Lauren Scherger, a local BodyTalk professional, says she discovered the whole-healthcare system after years of physical pain and doctor visits left her with no where else to turn. When she came across the BodyTalk System, she thought, why not? Because really, she had nothing else to lose.

Lauren explains, just a few years ago, she was on unemployment, after intense back pain left her unable to work in her chosen profession, as a hair stylist. “I got involved in BodyTalk because in 2009 I was a hairdresser and I started getting really bad back pain. I went to the doctors, I had all your classic tests, x-rays, scans and there was no reason, on paper, to have all the back pain. I was on tons of medication and I wasn’t sleeping.” Lauren tried it all, chiropractor, massage, physio-therapy, specialists, “nothing helped and I was getting worse and worse.” Not even 25 years old, Lauren had to take nearly two years of disability leave from work.

“Someone had referred me to try BodyTalk,” Lauren knew there was something else going on with her body, because physically there were no answers, “once I had my first session of BodyTalk, I immediately felt better, had less pain and had more answers. I find with BodyTalk you tend to find the source of the issue, whatever your stress or your pain is.” After a few sessions Lauren was able to identify what was triggering her stress and ultimately, her pain. Armed with this information she was able to make the changes necessary to start her road to recovery. Her love for making people feel better was once released by being a hair stylist, she knew she wanted to continue to make people feel better, so with research and training she became a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner.

Lauren has built an amazing career where she is able to help people feel great, and most importantly, Lauren lives pain free. Since then, she has completed  over 30 courses.

It’s human nature to always want to know. By nature, people tend to search, what’s the meaning? what’s the cause? what’s the reason? With BodyTalk, basically what we’re doing is focusing on how the brain interprets stress. Pain is caused by how the brain interprets stress; that can be physical stress, environmental stress, mental stress, or emotional stress. – Lauren Scherger BodyTalk

BodyTalk goes beyond physical causes of pain, for example depression, insomnia, and infertility. “Basically, there’s nothing BodyTalk can’t address because pain, whether physical or emotional, is about our perception of stresses in our lives and how we internalize it.” Similar to kinesiology, BodyTalk was developed by a chiropractor and acupuncturist, and uses muscle testing. BodyTalk can also enhance sports performance. “We are asking the person, the body and the brain, what are the stressers. What is causing the body and the brain to breakdown and have miscommunication?” Recently, Lauren branched out to work with midwives for labour.

Lauren likes to give a visual example to help explain why BodyTalk is needed and what it can do. “Every person’s body has it’s own built-in wisdom, so our bodies know what they need to do to heal themselves. If you cut your hand, usually you slap a bandaid on and life goes on, your body takes care of the rest. If we didn’t have that built-in knowledge we would have to look at our hand and tell our red blood cells what to do or tell our different layers of skin what to do to close that wound up. But we don’t have to do that. The body has that knowledge of what to do. Whenever we have pain or illness, our bodies have simply forgotten what it is that it needs to do to heal itself. BodyTalk is asking the person’s body and brain, ‘what’s going on? and how do we fix it?’ and in turn bringing the focus back to the problem. It’s simple, but profound.”

What I like most about BodyTalk is it’s interactive. It brings a sense of knowing of what’s going on within your own body. – Lauren Scherger BodyTalk

Thanks to positive treatment results, BodyTalk is one of the fastest growing health care systems in the world, used on every continent and in every language. If you’re ready to get to the root cause of your pain or illness, book your BodyTalk session by contacting Lauren at 780-573-3426 or [email protected] to book an appointment. To learn more, visit Lauren Scherger on Facebook, BodyTalk Bonnyville at In Balance Massage and for more on the BodyTalk System, visit IBA Global Healing Whole Healthcare online.

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