Recycling Program Coming to Elk Point

The Town of Elk Point is entering into a test-run program with Quik Pick Waste Disposal, a recycling company out of Lloydminster. Councillor for the Town, Lorne Young says the program is a three-month trial to see whether or not a recycling program is needed and wanted by the residents.

“They’ve come to us with a proposal,” explains Councillor Young, “they would like to do a three-month trial, free of charge, where they will set up some bins at our transfer station. They’ll be a couple of bins for cardboard, a bin for newspaper and a bin for clean plastic.” In a letter to Council, Quik Pick Waste Disposal explains they will supply two to three 6 cubic yard containers for clean cardboard, one 6 cubic yard container for clean recyclable plastics, and one 4 yard container for newspaper. The company will monitor the volume of recyclable material and determine their dumping frequency.

“The idea is people will be able to use this service, it won’t cost the Town anything for that period of time and we get a chance to monitor it and see how much we can divert from the landfill, into recycling. At the end of three months we sit down with the company and see if it’s viable to continue this,” explains the Councillor.

Elk Point’s land transfer station is a kilometre south-west of the community. The Town is hoping to introduce the program in the summer months.

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