UPDATE: Bonnyville Water Transmission Line REPAIRED

Crews finished repairing the valve in the Town’s Main reservoir at 1:00 PM today and we began filling the Reservoir to ensure water distribution to the Residents and Businesses in the Town of Bonnyville would not be interrupted.  There still remains one more water break on the transmission line, however, the Town has delayed the final repair to later in the week now that we have been able to restore filling the reservoir.

The Town of Bonnyville wants to really thank residents and businesses for their co-operation over the past 48 hours in reducing water consumption.  The Communities efforts thus far gained the Town the necessary time to complete the major repairs without having to shut off water.  Residents and Businesses can now resume normal water consumption.

Once again, the Town thanks everyone for their co-operation over the past weekend; a special thank-you to all the Town staff and private contractors that assisted with avoiding a potentially serious situation.

*Press Release from the Town of Bonnyville

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