Blue Sun Healing Brings Reiki to Light

A sense of tranquility and wonder comes over you as you enter Blue Sun Healing in Cold Lake. There’s a certain force in the air, that’s practically indescribable, unless you’ve visited Melodie Baskerville and her shop. It’s like passion and love have come together. Part of the reason Melodie moved her business into the Rural Alberta Business Centre (RABC) was to bring Reiki to the light; “out of the underground,” is how the business owner put it.

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one’s “life force energy” is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy. – International Centre for Reiki Training

“I’ve been doing Reiki for over two years,” says Melodie, who was trained through a local teacher and another teacher from Edmonton, is certified through the Canadian Reiki Association and is a Master/Teacher.  Melodie is able perform the healing, as well as teach techniques to aspiring practitioners. “It was kinda more of a hobby, I just loved doing it. I worked as an admin. assistant to a financial adviser, and did Reiki on the side and loved it.”

Reiki is healing, it’s energy work. I connect to source, the unconditional love and universal life energy. I like to call it love. What gives us life, I tap into that and I channel it through myself and into my clients body. – Melodie Baskerville Owner Blue Sun Healing

Reiki is performed on a client, who is fully clothed, typically laying a massage style table, or however the client is most comfortable. “I hold my hands through a series of hand positions, the client pulls the energy through me. I don’t put it into them, the energy and the client do their own healing,” Melodie explains. “Their body will recognize the energy and they will take it through me. They will always take exactly what they need.”

Reiki heals in between awake and asleep, explains Melodie, “our everyday waking  brainwave state is Beta, Reiki takes us into Alpha state (which is the same as being between awake and sleeping) and ThetaHealing uses the Theta state.” There are five different brain wave states: Delta (deep sleep), Theta (very deep state of relaxation), Alpha (relaxed, meditative state), Beta (active and alert) and Gamma (higher mental activity).

I can never predict what your experience is going to be like, only that’s it’s going to be good. – Melodie Baskerville Owner Blue Sun Healing

Melodie says Reiki found her after suffering nearly two decade with depression. She was on antidepressants, working in the financial adviser field, and after years of doctor prescribed dosage increases and no relief, Melodie came to a breaking point. She suffered a major medical incident, as she describes it, “my body had been giving me clues, with depression, that I wasn’t listening to. I got very sick, very very fast.” Melodie was rushed to Edmonton, with pneumonia and a collapsed lung. She stayed in hospital for two weeks, and when she returned to Cold Lake, her doctor was surprised to see her, “he told me he didn’t think he’d see me again.”

After attempting to re-enter the financial field, after her major health scare, Melodie’s body kept telling her it wasn’t right. She’d open her laptop to start work and a panic attack of sorts would come on; every time, without fail. Finally, she stepped back from that line of work and searched out her true calling… or it found her. An off-chance conversation with a friend led her to a psychic reader, who told Melodie she was a healer. Things started to click from there, Melodie’s sister is a Reiki practitioner and she had gone to her sister for treatments and loved it. She started researching it more and found a teacher in the area from whom she could learn the skill. Melodie also used a teacher out of Edmonton to further develop her skills.

“We have a fantastic medical system,” Melodie explains that Reiki isn’t intended as an either or method of treatment, “our doctors are highly trained and highly educated, they save lives every day. I don’t ever want to take anything away from what they do. With that being said, they’re only treating our physical body, there’s so much more to us. Reiki is holistic, it treats spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical.” Melodie explains of course there are cases, say you slip on the ice and break your leg, that’s purely a physical problem that western medicine will heal completely. But in other cases, say that bad back problem that never seems to go away, that could be a spiritual problem. “We are spiritual beings, living in a physical body, not the other way around. When you don’t pay attention to the spirit, that’s where you begin to have problems. We manifest problems in the physical world.” Melodie would never recommend stopping treatment with a doctor, she encourages her clients to advise their doctors of the Reiki treatments they receive.

In Europe it is common to see holistic medicine and Reiki practitioners share the same practice as a medical doctor. That’s a dream of Melodie’s, “one of my main goals is to work with the medical system that we have. I’m hoping somewhere in my travels, and business, I will find a doctor open to working with me and trying this.” Melodie is building experience before reaching out the Cold Lake medical community. She is branching out in other ways, like offering a meditation class on the 4-Wing base, through MFRC. The New Year session just began on the 5th and is one of the most popular programs offered by the MFRC, for more information visit them on Facebook.

While Reiki can be spiritual, it is not religious.  It works with and compliments every form of belief system. -Melodie Baskerville Owner Blue Sun Healing

Since opening up to Reiki and becoming trained, Melodie has not needed antidepressants, and no longer suffers the physical or emotional aliments she had prior to Reiki; and she wants the world to know the success she’s had. It was an Aha Moment, from when she did suffer from depression, that Melodie uses as analogy. Years ago, she was watching some daytime program, featuring some doctor she’s since forgotten. But, what she’s never forgotten was his words. “A Diabetic takes insulin everyday for a chemical imbalance, and no one judges. So why is it when a person is suffering from depression, a chemical imbalance, no one talks about it.”

With that principle in mind, many years ago, Melodie decided it was time to talk about depression, and as she opened up with people, she got the same reaction. Every person she spoke to either suffered from depression or knew someone, very close to them, who was on antidepressants. Melodie forged new bonds with people and each time she opened up, it became easier for her to tell her truth.

Which is exactly why Blue Sun Healing has opened in the RABC, to bring Reiki and alternative forms of healing, like ThetaHealing, crystal therapy, and meditation to light. Blue Sun Healing wants people to know there is a holistic form of healing; that is certified and governed by the Canadian Reiki Association.

Healing and Therapeutic Treatments offered by Blue Sun Healing 

  • Reiki Healing  $75/session
  • Reiki Distance Healing $50/session
  • ThetaHealing $50/session
  • Crystal Therapy $50/session
  • Meditation $50/session
  • Angel Card Reading $50/session


To book a session or more information about Blue Sun Healing, call Melodie 780-207-5832 or visit Blue Sun Healing on Facebook.