Brady Heights outline plan to expand area

Image: City of Cold Lake. 

A proposed outline plan to extend the Brady Heights area will be going forward.

With the demand on diverse development opportunities is on the rise in the community, including single facility detached and multi-family homes and at various price points, some concerns have been raised about available space for development, as well as trades, to build new residential homes in the community.

“The City of Cold Lake owns a significant piece of land immediately north of the existing Brady Heights and down towards Lakeland Inn,” said Mayor Craig Copeland. “It would be great to eventually finish off that whole area, including the necessary storm water management linear parkway.”

The Area Structure Plan was approved by bylaw in 2007 and depicts much of the land being low and medium density residential development. It is understood that many people currently use the area as an open space for walking their pets, playing, and off-highway vehicle usage, but there was always an intent for the area to be developed.

“We’re coming into a period of vigorous growth and will need to ensure that we’re seeking all development opportunities, as well as encouraging housing diversity,” said Copeland. “We want to ensure that residents have options to rent or buy at different sizes and affordability levels throughout the community.”

The City has submitted a grant application to the federal government Housing Accelerator Fund of which demonstrated the need for increased housing diversity and the pace. The Outline Plan will provide detail into potential lot locations, sizes, and specific zoning, as well as establishing framework for infrastructure requirements, including road network and utility services that ultimately align with the City’s plans, priorities, policies. The plan will prepare and enable the City to market the area for private investment opportunities and open options to react and accommodate growth in the community.

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