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Spencer 'Goldie Locks' Malachowski (left) and Ella 'Stellar' Ballas (right)

SPORTSHOUND: Friend or Foe

Tales from the Timebox: November 22nd, 2021

Friends or foe? I want to know. Two former Avalanche female players, Ella ‘Stellar’ Ballas and Spencer ‘Goldie Locks’ Malachowski have played together on the Avalanche teams since they were little squirts. The girls would be in U15 and playing body contact hockey now. I don’t think it would be a problem for them to handle, nonetheless they decided to play female hockey. This year Stellar is playing with the Lakeland Jaguar’s female U15 team based out of Cold Lake and Goldie Locks is with the U15 female team the Vermilion Tigers. Jaguars and Tigers are two very dangerous cats from the jungle that you shouldn’t mess with. This past weekend these two cats duked it out playing against each other in the Vermilion tournament. The game ended in a 3 all tie. Still friends? Yes, at least until the meet again on the ice!

U15 Avalanche

As for their former team mates, the U15 Avalanche team, they had two very intense games this past weekend. Both games ending in a tie. In fact, they have tied their past four game. Looking like they might have found the right tier if the games are going to be that close. On the road Friday night, they locked horns with Onion Lake, the game finished with a two all tie. Defenseman Quinton Quinney- Dumont scoring assisted by his D Man partner in crime the birthday boy, Raif ‘Rug Rat’ Evans Anderson. Rug Rat celebrating his 13th birthday on Friday. ‘Top Gunner’ Crawford snipping one, his assisted by Tray ‘Scooby -Doo’ Thomas -Calliou.

On Saturday here at home it was another battle to the finish. Both teams finished the game with 35 shots on goal. The Avalanche coming from behind to tie it at 4 all with less than three minutes left in the third period. If you like fast cars check this out. The first two goals for the Avalanche were scored by team captain and race car driver Kaleb ‘Formula One’ Flamand . Both of them on the power play in the first period. Top Gunner, Timmy ‘the Tank’ Cardinal, Rug Rat and Quinton Quinney – Dumont assisting. Lloydminister answered with their goal on the power play as well to make it 2 to 1 after 20 minutes. Early in the second period the mighty Madden ‘Mad Dog’ Flamand would make it 3 to 1 his assisted by no fear Gavin ‘Green Light’ Kadutski. But the Blazers fire wouldn’t go out. The Blazers not only tied it up in the second period, but took the lead in the third when the Avalanche had two men in the sin bin. Late in the game another speedster ‘ Bo Diddley ‘ Fontaine would come through with the tying goal assisted by Top Gunner and Quinton Quinney – Dumont. The Avalanche happy at that point to settle for the tie and a single point.

U18 Avalanche

On Sunday the U 18 travelled to Kitscoty losing the game 5 to 2. Even though they lost the game, the outcome was still much better the previous time they had played. The Pit Bulls chewed up the Avalanche pretty good that time by double digits. Mick Jagger doing some fancy dancing scoring both goals for the Avalanche . Seth ‘Motorman’ Morton grinding away with the assist on the second one.


U11 Avalanche

Saturday morning back at the A. G Ross Arena the U 11 took on the St. Paul Canadiens. Last weekend in St. Paul the Canadiens gave the U 11 team a bit of a spanking but not this week. The Avalanche losing by only 2 goals. ‘Bronco Billy’ Ballas leading by example with 2 goals. Liam ‘Dobbie’ Dumont with the assist on the first one. ‘Raging Bull’ Hudson Brousseau seeing an opening charged to the net with one goal. Theo ‘Longhorn’ Loughran Quinney between the pipes standing tall.

U9 Avalanche


The U9 team did do some travelling back and forth this past weekend playing in the Marwayne two -day tournament. Greyson ‘Big Bang’ Koppang in net for the first game against Paradise Valley. Benjamin ‘Benny Boy’ Saddleback winning the Heart and Hustle award. On Saturday morning against the host Jaydn ‘the Shark’ Sakowski strapped on the big pad. ‘General Lee’ Barstad won the Heart and Hustle for the game. Saturday afternoon Benny Boy was behind the mask. ‘Jumbo Jay’ Large winning the Heart and Hustle. It takes time and patience but everyone on the team is developing week by week.

General Lee Barstad

U7 Avalanche

The U 7 team on the road bright and early Saturday morning to the big pierogi, Glendon taking on the Jets. Landon ‘Lights Out’ St. Arnault scored 6 goals and played strong on defense. Cohen ‘Big Horn’ Brousseau rammed his way through the defense and scored 4 goals. Kenzie ‘Cookie’ Leathem and Aiden ‘Sweet Pea’ Barstad both played excellent in net. Lynden Oracheski and Gavin ‘the Badger’ Brousseau are both showing huge improvement in puck handling. The game was over before some people get out of bed. Just in time to stop at the golden arches for lunch!

U13 Avalanche

The U 13 team also travelled on the weekend heading up to Cold Lake for a Sunday afternoon matinee losing a close one to the Ice 3 to 2. The Avalanche outshot the Ice big time but couldn’t find the twine. ‘Wild Wyatt’ Fontaine scoring both of the Avalanche goals, the first goal assisted by ‘Without a Trace’ Morgan, the second assisted by Brendan ‘Buzz Saw’ Kadutski.


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