Monday , 27 September 2021

More than 65 fraud reports to the Bonnyville RCMP in 2020

The Bonnyville RCMP are providing tips to avoid being the victim of persistent scams.

Bonnyville RCMP received more than 65 reports of fraud in 2020.

Many of these include phone calls of fraudsters claiming to be the Canadian Revenue Agency and asking for payment, or from a computer company saying your computer is infected with a virus, and they need access to your device.

“The citizens of the Lakeland area have been impacted by scammers in the last few years. The most important thing to remember is to be aware of who you are providing your personal information to. Be vigilant to whom you are sending money to and make sure they are credible.” Cst. Bergeron said.


The Canadian anti-fraud centre released some tips to avoid being the victim of a scam. Here are some of the basic

  1. Always verify that the organization you’re dealing with is legitimate before you take any other action. When it’s too good to be true, don’t be intimidated by high-pressure sales tactics and don’t be afraid to hang up and say no.
  2. The scammer will often ask for your personal information such as your name, your address or your social insurance number. Always remember that you did not initiate the call and you don’t know who you are talking to.
  3. Don’t click on messages popping up on your computer or don’t call the number they provide. No legitimate company will call and claim your computer is infected with a virus.

What to do when you are the victim of a fraud?

  1. Gather all the information you have on the fraud. Every piece of information such as receipts, email or text messages are reliable.
  2. Report the incident to your local police station and your bank institution. Place a flag on your account and make a file with the police.
  3. Contact the Canadian Anti Fraud Centre. They will be able to give you specific tips depending on the type of fraud you were victim of.

Scammers are everywhere and can target everybody no matter your age, your gender or your financial situation, police said.

Remember to not give your personal information before to make sure the person you’re dealing with is legitimate. Request to have the  information in writing, watch out for urgent pleas that play on your emotions and most importantly, don’t be afraid to hang up and say “no”.

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