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CONNECTED! February 23rd, 2021

CONNECTED! February 23rd, 2021
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It’s Connected! with Jena, Husband Chad and Producer EJ thanks to Northern Truck & Industrial Supplies
Get in the conversation live thanks to Bluewave Energy Bonnyville & Current Energy Ltd.
Clothing provided A-ok Shoes & Key Men’s Apparel & Muse.inspired
Jena’s hair styled by Magic Fingers

About Jena Colbourne

Jena Colbourne is the owner of Connected Media Inc. o/a Lakeland Connect. As a founding member of the Lakeland Connect team, Jena oversees the content creation of the website and its social media presence. Armed with a marketing, management and communications background Jena enjoys the creative aspects of Lakeland Connect, as such she is able to navigate the online world with ease.