Thursday , 23 September 2021

Bonnyville Friendship Centre and Blue Quills University approved for mental health funding

Two Lakeland area facilities have been approved for a provincial mental health grant.

The Bonnyville Friendship Centre and University nuhelot’įne thaiyots’į nistameyimâkanak Blue Quills outside of St. Paul have been approved in Phase 1 of the Community Grant Funding Program in early February.

This funding is part of the Alberta government’s $53 million COVID Mental Health Action Plan, which is meant to give a helping hand to support local mental health and addiction counselling work.

“With their mission to address the spiritual, emotional, physical and mental needs of the seven-member First Nations through the delivery of quality education, Blue Quills has empowered indigenous students and helped them overcome barriers restricting their success in other settings,” said MLA David Hanson in a press release.

“I’m happy to see this $75,000 grant from Alberta’s government go towards a university that is making a positive difference for Indigenous peoples here in St. Paul.”

Blue Quills will receive $75,000 and the Bonnyville Friendship Centre will be receiving $50,000.

“The Bonnyville Canadian Friendship Centre serves our community by promoting wellness, positivity, and the empowerment of families and individuals through programming based on cultural values,” said Hanson. “I am proud to support this $50,000 grant from Alberta’s government that supports their work here in Bonnyville.”

The grant was available in three application deadlines in 2020, including at the end of May, August, and November, for charities, non-profits, faith groups, and community action groups.

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